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MARVEL Future Fight Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

MARVEL Future Fight Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

The multiple dimensions of the Marvel universe are falling apart! In a strange turn of events, heroes from all over the Marvel franchise come together to fight a menace that could very well threaten all realities as we know it! MARVEL Future Fight is an action RPG that lets you assemble a team of Marvel’s finest. Deploy your teams into the danger zones to uncover the truth about this massive conflict. We’ll help you get through the missions with our MARVEL Future Fight cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Switch your heroes on the fly!

You can switch between your three heroes by tapping on their portraits at the top left corner of the screen. Once you switch, a global cooldown of 3 seconds will start, and you won’t be able to switch to your previous hero until the cooldown is finished. When fighting bosses a good strategy to employ is to use all of your current heroes’ skills, then switch to another hero. Wait for the 1 second cooldown to finish, then use all of their skills. Continue rotating through all of your heroes to maximize your damage.

2. Build a balanced team!

Heroes fall under 4 categories. They are:

  • Combat types are melee bruisers. They like to get up close and personal with enemies using a variety of punches and kicks or weapons.
  • Blast types are ranged snipers. They prefer to stay at a safe distance from enemies while blasting them from afar.
  • Speed types are quick lighting attackers. They attack relentlessly using rapid strikes.
  • Universal types are balanced fighters. They don’t excel in anything particular but they’re good all-around.

While there is no sort of rock-paper-scissors system in this game, it’s best to have a balanced team so you can utilize all types’ strengths.

3. Power up your heroes!

Once you beat mission 8 in the first chapter, you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade your heroes. Firstly, you can rank up your heroes once you have enough biometrics of that hero. You’ll also need some gold. You can also upgrade their gear, which strengthens your heroes attack and defense power. Additionally you can also upgrade your skills, which makes your heroes’ skills more deadly. Lastly, you can master your heroes by using various Norn Stones. This is like ranking up, except the stat improvements are much greater. This also improves their leadership ability.

4. Activate the team bonus!

If you have a specific set of heroes in your team line up, you will activate a team bonus. For example, the starting bonus you get is activated by having at least two 1 star heroes. This bonus gives your team 1.5% more attack. Experiment with different heroes and see what you can discover!

5. Try out Elite missions!

Once you complete the normal mode version of a mission, you can then attempt the same mission again in elite mode. Elite mode makes your enemies much more tougher, so your heroes have to be just as tough. The rewards are much greater, of course. If you’re looking to get some biometrics for your heroes, they will usually be found in the elite mode versions of the missions.

That’s all MARVEL Future Fight tips for now, but we’ll be back soon with a guide on where to get biometrics for all of the heroes. Stay tuned! In the mean time, if you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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MARVEL Future Fight Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. There was not a single tip in that list of ‘Tips, Tricks & Strategy’!!

    Here’s a tip — once you pass a level, you can auto-pilot thru it. Flip off autopilot at the boss of you are concerned you won’t pass. Your touch is better than AI. Autopilot is a nice way to grind levels.

    Another tip — I’m not 100% sure this is the best yet, but its how I’m playing now: I maxed one blaster hero (Iron Man) & am improving the others minimally. Iron Man is my main ‘tank’ & he can pass levels w/o the others, ie Autopilot the whole way. He also got the ISO first, too. I just farmed to Master him x1 and am going to farm for his suits next. **The point of this tip is make 1 hero awesome first & they can carry others along for levels.

    • iron man is only good in early levels (because he got super slow attack speed). i prefer capt. america since you’ll get to rank him up for free. if you have the hulk buster, use him. HB can clear stages faster because of his aoe skills. durable too. just make sure to upgrade his equips and skills to deal massive damage. he can also break the boss’ skill casting time.

  2. here’s a tip on fighting bosses.

    cycle through your heroes’ skills. use all of the 1st hero’s skills (assuming you only got 2 of them) then swap heroes, run for 1 sec, then use them again (make sure you won’t get countered) then switch to the third hero and use his/her skills. rinse and repeat. i use heroes who can break the enemy’s casting. like hulk buster, ironman/vision, and daredevil (with his stun).

    and of course, bring at least 1 hero who is strong against the boss’ hero type.

  3. Can someone explain iron man’s leadership skill? I assume it’s supposed to lessen the whole team’s skill cooldown time.. yet it doesnt seem to have an effect and maybe its just me but it seems to even lengthen the skill cooldown..

  4. In-air atks can avoid punches and laser beams.
    Slam atks get close to enemy and is vulnerable if Boston effect.
    black widow dodge skill so good but I still prefer atking skills.


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