We’re back with another guide on MARVEL Future Fight! This time, we’ll be looking at where to get the biometrics for all of the heroes. Let’s get started right away with our MARVEL Future Fight tips and strategy to get all heroes!

Right now, be sure to check in every day as there is an event going on! Each day you check in you’ll gain some biometrics for the Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster hero. If you manage to check in for 10 days straight, you should get all the biometrics you need to create the hero.

Please note that these biometrics can only be found on the elite versions of these missions.

Combat Types

Hulk: Trade for Chaos Token in the Shop
Blade: 3-4 Mixed Up Conspiracy, 5-7 New York in Chaos #1
Doctor Octopus: 3-11 Sinister Brain, 5-10 The Last Air Strike, 7-10 Doc Ock Unleashed #3
Punisher: 2-8 The Search for M.O.D.O.K. #2, 6-6 Stealing the Scene #3
Luke Cage: 2-3 Hero for Hire, 5-8 New York in Chaos #2, 6-9 The Escape
Iron Fist: 4-5 Power of ISO-8 #2, 6-5 Stealing the Scene #2
Black Panther: 8-1 Shredding Reality
Venom: 3-3 Dark Street, 7-8 Doc Ock Unleashed #1
Kingpin: 4-10 The Beginning of the Windstorm, 7-6 Kingpin’s Plans #3
Bullseye: 4-3 Mad Assassin, 7-4 Kingpin’s Plans
Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster: Dimension Chest (Or current event)

Blast Types

Red Skull: 6-10 Red Madness, 7-3 Disharmony #3, 7-11 Reconstructed System #1
M.O.D.O.K.: 2-9 Mad Scientist, 6-3 HYDRA Unmasked, 7-7 M.O.D.O.K.’s True Feelings
Malekith: Dimension Chest
War Machine: 1-3 Stolen Suit, 5-5 Battle in the Skies #4, 8-7 A Desperate Situation #2
Vision: 1-5 Another Betrayal, 5-3 Battle in the Skies #2

Speed Types

Black Cat: Dimension Chest
Spider-Man: 3-6 King Neighbors, 5-9 New York in Chaos #3, 8-8 The Showdown #1
Daredevil: 4-9 Strong Winds #2, 6-4 Stealing the Scene #1
Green Goblin: 3-7 In Chaos #1, 7-1 Disharmony #1, 7-9 Doc Ock Unleashed #2
Hawkeye: 4-2 Bringing in the Big Guns #2, 8-3 Retaking the Antimatter #1
Mockingbird: 2-4 The Darkness beyond Dimensions #1, 5-1 A World Berserk
Falcon: 2-5 The Darkness beyond Dimensions #2, 4-7 Out of the Dark, Into the Light, 6-2 Back Up Plans
Winter Soldier: 2-7 The Search for M.O.D.O.K. #1, 6-7 Stealing the Scene #4, 8-5 Retaking the Antimatter #3
Sharon Carter: 3-8 In Chaos #2, 6-8 Attacking the Core, 8-6 A Desperate Situation #1
Elektra: 4-6 The Perfect Death, 7-2 Disharmony #2, 7-5 Kingpin’s Plans #2

Universal Types

Ghost Rider: 4-4 Power of ISO-8 #1, 4-8 Strong Winds #1, 8-4 Retaking the Antimatter #2
Thor: 8-9 The Showdown #2
Ultron: 1-8 Ultimate Evil, 7-12 Reconstructed System #2
Loki: Dimension Rift
Destroyer: Dimension Rift
Captain Marvel: Trade for Honor Token in the Shop
Black Bolt: 8-10 The Showdown #3
Angela: Dimension Chest


  1. so far… uh. i only get biomets when i do not let the autobattle finish the match. every time i autobattlei get nothing. when i finish boss myself i almost always get biometrics. can this be confirmed as paranoia??

      • The article says you need to log in for 10 days, however, it seems to me that you get biometrics in the order of 2-2-2-2-4-4-4, meaning it only takes 7 days.

    • I’ve noticed auto gives me *VERY LOW* returns. Manual does work better. Sorry Loveless, I don’t believe you.
      Anyone else? Frankly, it could just be a bug…?


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