Mario Party Superstars: How to Unlock All Stickers

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars features, alongside multiple boards and tons of different minigames, different collectibles that, while optional, do provide players with a reason to continue playing the game after they have mastered each board and played most minigames.

Here’s how to unlock the additional stickers and how much they cost.

How to Unlock All Stickers in Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars

Unlocking additional collectibles, including Stickers, in Mario Party Superstars requires you to increase your Mario Party Level past certain thresholds. Once you do, you will have to purchase the stickers from Toad’s Shop, so you’d better start saving some coins if you want to truly unlock everything.

Below, you will find how to unlock the optional stickers, the required level and how much they cost.

Level 1

  • Bowser “BWAHAHA!” – 200 coins
  • Goomba “Cut it out!” – 20 coins
  • Koopa Troopa “You got this!” – 20 coins

Level 5:

  • Blooper “But… why?” – 50 coins
  • Bob-omb “Ticktock” – 50 coins
  • Buzzy Beetle “Grr…” – 50 coins
  • King Bob-omb “All me!” – 50 coins

Level 15:

  • Bowser Jr. “Yay!” – 50 coins
  • Piranha Plant “Bad Luck!” – 50 coins
  • Question Mark Block “Can’t wait!” – 50 coins
  • Yellow Yoshi “Close One!” – 50 coins

Level 25

  • Boo “Gehehheh!” – 50 coins
  • Bullet Bill “There it is!” – 20 coins
  • Koopa Paratroopa “Betrayal!” – 50 coins
  • Spiny “No way!” – 50 coins

Level 35:

  • Dueling Glove “You’re on!” – 100 coins
  • Kamek “Next time!” – 100 coins
  • Kamek “Now!” – 100 coins
  • Red Mushroom “Go, go!” – 100 coins

Unlocking more stickers in Mario Party Superstars allows you to communicate with other players in some very fun ways, so you may want to unlock as many of them as possible if you play online a lot. You will not regret it, that’s for sure!

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Mario Party Superstars: How to Unlock All Stickers


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