Mario Party Superstars: All Free-For-All Minigames

Mario Party Superstars

Game boards and minigames are the heart and soul of any Mario Party game, and Mario Party Superstars fully delivers on both fronts. It couldn’t have been any other way, as the latest entry in the series features only the best content lifted from previous Mario Party games, making for an amazing celebration of the franchise as a whole.

Here are all of the Free-For-All minigames included in Mario Party Superstars and which game they originally appeared in.

All Free-For-All Minigames in Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars features 47 Free-For-All minigames where four players compete against each other to win. The Free-For-All minigames are among the most diverse in the game, catering to different tastes and skills so that all sorts of players can enjoy most of them.

MinigamesOriginal Debut
Bill BlastersMario Party 5
BooksquirmMario Party 4
Bomb AwayMario Party
Bounce’n’TrounceMario Party 3
Bowser’s Big BlastMario Party 2
Bumper BallsMario Party 2
Bumper Balloon CarsMario Party 2
Catch You LetterMario Party 6
Chip-Shot ChallengeMario Party 3
Coney IslandMario Party 5
Crazy CuttersMario Party
Dark’n’CrispyMario Party 6
Dinger DerbyMario Party 5
Dizzy DancingMario Party 2
Face-LiftMario Party
Flash ForwardMario Party 10
Goomba SpottingMario Party 9
Honeycomb HavocMario Party 2
Ice-Rink RiskMario Party 3
Lake SkaterMario Party 5
Leaf LeapMario Party 5
Manor EscapeMario Party 9
Mecha MarathonMario Party 2
Messy MemoryMario Party 3
Monty’s RevengeMario Party 7
Mush PitMario Party 3
Mushroom Mix-UpMario Party
Night-Light FightMario Party 5
Paths of PerilMario Party 4
Pit BossMario Party 6
Pockey PummelMario Party 7
Pushy PenguinsMario Party 5
Rapid River RaceMario Party 10
Rocking RacewayMario Party 3
Roll CallMario Party 2
Shy Guy SaysMario Party
Slot-Car DerbyMario Party 2
Sneak’n’SnoreMario Party 2
Snowball SummitMario Party 3
Snow WhirledMario Party 6
Storm ChasersMario Party 3
Tread CarefullyMario Party 2
The Final CountdownMario Party 7
Tipsy TourneyMario Party
Trace RaceMario Party 4
Trap Erase ArtistMario Party 6
What Goes UpMario Party 6

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Mario Party Superstars: All Free-For-All Minigames


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