Mario Party Superstars – Space Land Board Guide

Mario Party Super Stars

Mario Party Superstars features a selection of classic boards lifted from previous entries in the series, complete with all the features that made them so unique back when they debuted.

While the basics of the game do not change depending on the board, their unique gimmicks make it so that players will have to adapt and change their strategies, so knowing everything about them is extremely important to win games.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Space Land board.

Space Land Board in Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Super Stars

The Space Land board in Mario Party Superstars is a little more complicated than the Yoshi’s Tropical Island board, which is considered as the easiest in the entire game, but it’s not really too difficult, compared to all the others, as it is a 2-star difficulty board.

This board is made a little complicated by its unique gimmicks, and the Star positioning, as it can appear on different panels. The layout is relatively simple, so navigation is, more often than not, somewhat simple. The main gimmick of the Space Land map, however, is what truly makes this map a little more advanced.

At the center of the board, you will notice a counter. When it reaches 0, Bowser will fire his beam, which will hit every player located diagonally from the counter. Every player that is hit will lose all of their coins, so you will want to avoid this at all costs.

The Space Land board also features another annoying gimmick that gets in players’ way. Landing on an Event Space will make a spaceship appear and chase every player. As they enter, they will move counterclockwise until they exit the board, so take this into account when attempting to escape from them. If you really want to make life hell for other players, you can pay 5 coins to the Snift Patrol to make spaceships stay on the board for twice longer.

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Mario Party Superstars – Space Land Board Guide


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