Home Guides Mario Kart Tour’s Mario vs Peach Tour: All New Content Added!

Mario Kart Tour’s Mario vs Peach Tour: All New Content Added!

Mario Kart Tour’s Mario vs Peach Tour: All New Content Added!

There is a new tour to complete on Mario Kart Tour, and a host of new content to enjoy including a Team Rally event. The new tour runs between July 28th and August 11th so join now to get the chance to earn as many Grand Stars and Team Tokens as possible.

The new Mario vs Peach tour includes a Team Rally in which all drivers are split into two teams- Team Mario and Team Peach- and will try to win Team Tokens. Drivers choose the team they want to be on at the start of the tour but be warned- you cannot change your mind once you have chosen!

Once you have chosen your team you will receive the Team Captain driver for that team. Players can use other drivers that don’t belong to their team but will not be able to collect Team Tokens during those races. When racing as a team member, drivers will collect Team Tokens during the race just as you normally collect coins or items, and also win an amount of tokens depending on the end game result and score achieved. Tokens can also be spent on items just like normal coins.

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When the rally is over all Team Tokens collected are added up and converted into points (1:1), and the team with the most points is declared the winner. Players on the winning team each receive 15 rubies, 3,000 coins, and a gold badge. The team who lose receive 10 rubies, 1,500 coins, and a silver badge.

Players who have subscribed to the Gold Pass will have the chance to get Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach as tour gifts, as well as the usual coins, tickets, and rubies. The pass also includes Baby Luigi and Shy Guy in the Normal Pass and Baby Mario and Baby Peach in the Gold Pass.

Spending rubies on the pipe will give you the opportunity to win Happi versions of Peach and Mario, the Quickshaw and Sakura Quickshaw karts, Cheep-Cheep Mask and Springtime Crane gliders, which are all high-end items.

With 8 new cups to compete in, each with its own 3 courses plus a bonus course, there are plenty of opportunities to earn Team Tokens and earn those first place prizes by August 11th.

Happy racing!

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Mario Kart Tour’s Mario vs Peach Tour: All New Content Added!


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