Mario Kart Tour: How to Level Up Your Drivers, Karts, and Gliders

Mario Kart Tour item list
Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour offers 100s of different drivers, karts, and gliders, each with special skills and rarities. Players gain extra bonus points by upgrading each item, increasing the chance of moving up in the ranks.

Level up drivers, karts, or gliders, by obtaining duplicates of the item from the Pipe or the Shop, or by using Level-Boost tickets.

Drivers, karts, and gliders are available in Tour Gifts, the Shop, and the Pipe- a gacha style element of the game. To level up using tickets, tap the Menu button on the home screen and going to the respective section- Drivers, Karts, or Gliders.

Here you will find the item that you own and that are ready to upgrade using Level-Boost Tickets. Tickets are obtained via Tour Gifts using Grand Stars or Event Tokens. Racers can have more of a chance of obtaining Level-Boost Tickets by purchasing the Gold Pass subscription.

Visit Tour Gifts to obtain extra tickets!

Once you have the tickets you need you can use them to level up your item by tapping Skill and spending your ticket.

Levelling up your driver increases your chance of Frenzy Mode. Frenzy Mode is where Drivers have unlimited use of three of the same item such as the mushroom or green shell during the race for a short period of time, also rendering them temporarily invincible.

Level up your driver to increase your chance of entering FRENZY MODE!

Levelling up your kart increases the number of bonus points racers can earn giving you more of a chance of earning Grand Stars.

Levelling up your glider increases your combo time, giving you more time to perform tricks and increase your points.

Enjoy your racing with your newly levelled up items!

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Mario Kart Tour: How to Level Up Your Drivers, Karts, and Gliders


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