A brand new tour is here on Mario Kart Tour! The latest Kamek Tour runs between August 25th and September 8th 2021 and brings us some new drivers, gliders, and karts to get our hands on! There are also more chances to win rubies, tickets, and Grand Stars, and climb your way up the rankings.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays during the new Tour players have the chance to win extra coins in the Coins Aplenty event by finishing races with the coin logo. There is also a limited time Green Token Event where players can gain event tokens by successfully hitting opponents with shells during the race. These tokens can then be spent in the Token Shop section of the normal Shop and exchange them for items like drivers, gliders, karts, and even rubies.

There are all-new drivers, gliders, and karts to win in the Tour gifts too, with Standard Tour Gifts offering a chance to win Wendy at 90 Grand Stars, and Gold Pass players winning The Koopa King kart at 150 Grand Stars! The Gold Pass also holds Bowser and Bowser Jr for 90 and 30 Grand Stars respectively.

Wendy and Bowser are in the Tour Gifts this Tour

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In the pipe during this new Tour players have the chance to spend rubies and win Kamek, Kamek’s Zoom Broom, and the Dream Glider! The first time these items have appeared in the spotlight!

The race tracks available during the Kamek Cup

The Kamek Cup race tracks are RMX Ghost Valley 1, RMX Vanilla Lake 1R, Luigi’s Mansion T, and Goomba Takedown as a bonus challenge race. Good luck, racers!

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