October has arrived and it is time for the Autumn Tour to begin! Buckle up, drivers—there are all new challenges to complete and goodies to win. The Autumnal celebrations will be across three consecutive tours starting from October 6, 2021, to October 20, 2021. These celebrations include lots of exclusive challenges, more generous rewards, and extra chances to fire the pipes via Grand Stars, so get collecting those stars!

The Autumn tour is here!

The Autumn Tour starts off with a new set of four races to complete in the Monty Mole Cup: Maple Treeway, Sunset Wilds T, Choco Island 1R/T, and Ring Race bonus track.

Welcome to the Monty Mole Cup!

Complete these races to earn your stars, and to complete some of the challenges in the Autumn Challenges 1 and earn the Waluigi (Bus Driver).

Waluigi is a Bus Driver now?!

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The challenges to complete are:

  • Participate in a Race
  • Do 5 Rocket Starts
  • Take Out 30 Jack-O’-Lanterns
  • Get 1st Place in a Race 10 Times
  • Get 1st Place in a Race 15 Times
  • Take Out 100 Jack-O’-Lanterns
  • Get 1st Place in a Race 30 Times
  • Get 1st Place in a Race 50 Times
  • Take out 200 Jack-O’-Lanterns
Win Shy Guy and Boomerang Bro

In the Tour Gifts during the Autumn celebrations, there is a chance to win Shy Guy in the Standard Pass, and Boomerang Bro in the Gold Pass. Gold Pass racers can also unlock the Yellow Turbo Birdo kart if they reach 230 stars! The passes also contain the usual gifts of tickets, gold, and rubies for everyone.

In the Autumn pipe, racers have a chance of winning Tanooki Mario, Tanooki Kart, and the Tanooki Parafoil glider as they debut in this celebration’s spotlight.

Get a chance to win these Tanooki items exclusively in the pipe!

Watch out for the next set of new challenges coming during the Autumn celebrations very soon! Good luck and happy racing.

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