Mario Kart Tour: Unused King Boo Item and Hidden Glider Emblems Leaked

Everyone’s favorite racing game, Mario Kart Tour, has a lot to offer: Various tracks, competitions as well a Gacha system with a wide variety of items. But not everyone knows about all the functions of some items. In this guide, we’re going to tell you a couple of interesting things.

Unused King Boo Item

Let’s start with King Boo, a famous character in the Mario universe. In the Mario Kart Tour, he plays the role of an item called StartTeresa. You can activate it in KartVehicle settings. Activating it can also cause Frenzy music to stop.

Boo’s specificity is very OP. You can ride through objects and elements of the map, the exception is course objects. So for example, you can easily drive through the pumpkins without any delay. If you can break something with the Star, then you can drive it right through with King Boo. However, Breakable objects will break when King Boo is active. Finally, you will become immune to attacks such as Red Shells, Shocks, and Blue Shells.

Hidden Glider Emblems

Mario Kart Tour has glider emblems, but not all gliders have an emblem slot. While using mlsGhost, hidden emblems can be seen on gliders without emblems. This works with Vampire Wings, Wicked Wings, and Ship’s Wheel. Perhaps gliders that are not intended for Emblems have a default texture, which becomes visible because mlsGhost makes the second UV layer on the glider transparent.

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