Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has gotten really spooky today in preparation for the scariest holiday of them all!

The new Mario Kart Tour is the Halloween Tour, which replaces the previous tour that celebrated the game’s very first anniversary. Like for the other tour, the Halloween Tour comes with some new content that players will be able to unlock if they are lucky enough.

The new content added to the game through the Halloween Tour includes a new Halloween variant of Mario, the Pumpkin Kart and the Butterfly Sunset Glider. All three of them will come with their own Special Skills that will help you regain first place in case any opponent has the audacity of being faster than you.

The launch of the Halloween Tour also marks the launch of the Tier Shop, a new shop that will let you purchase items that will help you in rank-eligible cups. The available items change depending on your rank, so the higher you are, the better the item selection will be.

Mario Kart Tour is now available on iOS and Android. The Halloween Tour is live right now and will run until November 4.


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