Mario Kart Tour: Everything you Need to Know About the New Toad vs. Toadette Tour

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Mario Kart Tour’s Toad vs Toadette Tour is up and running, and the competition is fierce! The Team Rally event has pit Toad fans against Toadette fans, and encouraged friends to race together for the ultimate prize of up to 15,000 coins at the end. Players choose to join team Toad or team Toadette, and gain the team captain as a bonus gift! Racers collect Team Tokens as they race which are then converted into points. The team with the most points at the end of the event wins. The event ends on the 17th of November 2021.

During the event tour there is a chance for the team who falls behind to catch up with Support Bonuses, and Bonus Time! Find out more information below.

How does the Support Bonus Work?

Once a day the team points are updated and are shown on the Team Points Meter. Players can find the Team Points Meter in the ‘News’ tab. The support bonus comes into play when one of the teams falls behind by a significant amount. When this happens any team points that are collected will be doubled until the next time the points are shown in the Team Points Meter.

toad vs toadette team points
Team Points Meter in Mario Kart Tour

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As of the 9th of November, Team Toad was winning- this means that any points accumulated by Team Toadette will now be doubled until the next update in 24 hours. Scores are calculated from the start of the tour to 6:30am on the day of the updated Team Point Meter. This support bonus keeps the competition exciting and means a win is never a sure thing, even when one team is vastly ahead of another.

What is Bonus Time?

Bonus Time offers racers extra Team Tokens stacked on top of the ones already collected. This applies to both teams during these periods:

  • 6th to 7th November
  • 13th to the 14th November
  • 16th to the 17th November

This means any grinding for tokens during these times will mean extra points for your team!

New Items in the Pipe!

Racers shouldn’t forget to visit the pipe and spend gems for a chance to win exclusive drivers, karts, and gliders. For a limited time, between the 7th and 12th of November 2021, players can win Nabbit, Penguin Luigi, and Mario (Tuxedo) as drivers, the Steel Driver kart or Silver Starchute glider, and so much more!

Happy racing!

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Mario Kart Tour: Everything you Need to Know About the New Toad vs. Toadette Tour


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