Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush features 17 playable characters that all come with different stats and their own unique abilities that make them better suited for certain play modes. As such, knowing which character to pick is extremely important to pull off victories and become the best Mario Golf: Super Rush player around.

Here’s everything you need to know about Toad, a character that can be a little tricky to play properly.


With extremely high Speed and Control, Toad is a character that can do well in play modes where it’s important to make accurate shots and be as quick as possible, like in Speed Golf. Unfortunately, his other stats leave something to be desired: Power and Stamina are extremely low, making it difficult to actually take advantage of his amazing Speed and Control. Toad is a character that only Mario Golf: Super Rush experts will be able to play properly.


Power: 208 yd
Stamina: 9/15
Speed: 9/10
Control: 8/10
Spin: 3/10

Special Abilities

Toad’s Special Shot is Super Toad Strike, a special shot that increases the ball’s size and blasts away other balls on impact. While this Special Shot works like other similar ones, the increased range of effect is extremely welcome.

Toad’s Special Dash is Tumble Dash, a fast-moving maneuver where Toad flips around to knock down any opponent on impact. This Special Dash is a little disjointed, as you need to aim the flips properly to knock opponents down, and the fact that Toad has so little Stamina makes this special move not all that worth its cost.

How to Unlock Toad’s Star Club Sets

Toad’s stats can be altered with the two Star Club sets. The first Set, unlocked by obtaining 1000 Character Points, increased Power to 238 yd and Spin to 5/10 while decreasing Control to 7/10. The Super Star Club Set, unlocked by obtaining 2000 Character Points, increases Power to 268 yd and Spin to 8/10 while further decreasing Control to 6/10.

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