To be honest with you, I have no idea where the game Mariam came from, but it definitely took the world by storm. Even though the English translation is lacking greatly, the game manages to remain atmospheric and extremely awesome. For some reason, it’s extremely addictive with that strange scary little girl giving you the creeps.

And I am here to help you complete these amazing experience (because I wouldn’t dare to call Mariam just a mobile game) by sharing a walkthrough for Mariam for iOS and Android.

This game plays a lot as a multiple choice game or a choose your own adventure type of game. I am not sure if this influences the gameplay in any way or you end up with the same puzzles no matter what.

Also, I have started recording my steps for this Mariam walkthrough from the moment that I got captured and locked inside the room. Until then, I simply choose the options that seemed to fit my play style: I told Mariam that her house is to the right, that she was not scary, that I didn’t give her my real name and that I wanted to see my parents.

Now let’s move on with this Mariam mobile game walkthrough and let’s see where this amazing experience leads us!

1. So we’re stuck in the room and we have to shake the device in order to get a key. Shake the phone until you get the Black Key – that is the correct one.

2. When it comes to hiding, I choose the Car Garage.

3. When she is back and starts talking to you, simply do nothing. Wait a bit for all the text lines to disappear. When she asks what do you want to hear, keep quiet. Watch the beautiful song on YouTube. Amazing experience.

4. Someone came out of the house. Choose “Wait, I am still here”.

And now the waiting begins… we must wait for 6 hours for the second part of the game. I tried cheating and changing the time on my device, but that didn’t work… so we’re stuck to waiting. I will get back with the rest of the walkthrough for this great game after 6 hours.

UPDATE: It seems that this is it. I either did something terribly wrong and the game just doesn’t want to let me know that, or that was it and it was very little. The “wait for 6 hours” turned in “wait for 12 hours” and the message hasn’t changed, even though 12 hours have passed since getting it. What a disappointment!

If you managed to get further, don’t hesitate to share your own tips and tricks with us in the comment section below. If not, come back later as this complete solution for the game is still a work in progress.



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