Marble It Up: Mayhem Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Getting Fast Times

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It’s time to roll out! Marble It Up: Mayhem is the latest entry in the long-rolling Marble It Up! series. With a whole new set of hand-crafted courses for you to roll through and a brand new multiplayer mode, it is the greatest time to return to the Marble It Up series!

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In our Marble It Up: Mayhem tips and tricks guide, we will go over how to master the controls and physics in the game, and how to navigate the courses with relative ease. Let’s get started with our Marble It Up: Mayhem cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting fast times!

Get full control of the marble!

Marble It Up: Mayhem is very much a physics platformer, and getting a feel for the marble is absolutely necessary in order to pass the later the levels. Good control starts with your own handle on the marble, so practice around with the controls.

The farther you tilt on the virtual joystick, the faster the marble will roll in that direction. You can see how fast you are moving that in direction by the white border around the virtual joystick. As you tilt it, a blue border will appear and gradually fill with white depending on how much you tilt. This is a good indicator of how fast you are moving.

Use bunny hops to build up quick speed!

Early on the game informs you that jumping while rolling is a great way to build up lots and lots of speed. As you start rolling in a direction, quickly tap the jump button to do a short “bunny hop”. Make sure not to hold the jump button, as this will extend your jump a bit – you want to drop back down as fast as possible.

Doing lots of bunny hops in rapid succession will build up momentum very quickly, and if you do this while rolling down a hill you will hit supersonic speeds! This technique is the key to getting fast times, so make sure to bunny hop if you want to zoom through the level!

Use power ups to get through!

As you progress through the single player campaign, you will come across various power ups that let your marble do things that it cannot normally do!

The Jump power up is the first one you will come across. It looks like a green arrow. The Jump power up is self-explanatory: using it will launch your marble into the air with great heights. Using the Jump power up when you are moving fast is a great way to clear large gaps or get up onto high platforms.

The Boost power up gives you a sudden burst of extreme speed, and it looks like a yellow lightning bolt. Use this while you are going off a ramp for a big jump, or to get up to stubborn hills that you can brute force your way up. Just remember to watch your speed and be careful not to launch yourself off the course!

The Feather Fall power up dramatically slows down your descent speed, and it looks like a yellow feather. Use Feather Fall as you jumping off a ramp, and you can cross huge gaps! The effect gradually wears off, so if you are in the air too long you will start to fall at normal speed.

Grab the time slowing power ups!

On certain levels you will find floating power ups that have the “pause” symbol on them. Upon grabbing these power ups, your timer at the top of the screen will start to slow down drastically for 5 seconds.

If you see these, try to get them as you are going along the course. These are very helpful for getting the gold times on the courses, and on certain courses they are absolute necessity.

You need to sometimes go out of your way to grab them, and this is where you mastery of the controls comes into play. If you mess up and spend too much time trying to grab them, the time you used to get them equals out in the end and you would not have saved any time at all, so you need to be on the ball to get these efficiently!

Some of these time slowing power ups are sitting in plain sight, but more often than not the game loves to hide them in conspicuous places. Sometimes it is worth it to travel off the beaten path!

Keep practicing for the better times!

On your first run through a course, do not worry about going too slow and trying to beat the record times. Just have fun, relax, and get the course on your own pace. You will learn the level naturally as you go through on your own terms.

Then, after you have gotten a good feel for the level, you can attempt to beat the silver record. Silver records are usually doable even with a few mistakes, so you should have no problem getting them.

Gold records place even stricter time limits on you, and you will really need to stay on the course in order to make these time limits. One accident can ruin the whole run for you, so you need to be really careful!

Chase those elusive diamond ranks!

There are silver ranks, gold ranks… and the elusive diamond ranks! You may have noticed on the level select screen that there is a ? next to the silver and gold rank time requirements, and this is to denote the diamond rank.

Diamond ranks are the fastest rankings for a level, and you need to be near-perfect in order to hit these times. Each course has its own diamond time, but you never know what it is – you just have to keep replaying the course until you get it after perfecting your run.

Diamond ranks are needed to unlock special marble skins and trails, so if you are interested in customizing your ball to show off your fast times, try to aim for diamond ranks!

Find the level for you!

If a specific level is proving to be too difficult for you, do not sweat it – you can use the level select to pick any level in the chapter you are currently on, even if you have not cleared the previous levels. It helps to try something new and then come back later to a previous level.

To unlock the next chapter, you simply need to complete at least 8 levels in the current chapter. You do NOT need to get any of the silver or gold medals, you just need to beat the levels. So, you can jump between levels to try out some new ones if you are tired of the current level.

Watch out for mechanisms and obstacles!

As the levels get more and more complicated, you will be faced with more mechanisms to help move you around the level. The first are elevators: blue ones move when you roll onto them, and the red ones move around on their own. You can tell when the red elevators are about to hit the end of their path when you see red outlines emit from them, so keep this in mind.

Sometimes it can be easy to miss an elevator, so keep an eye out for the colored patterned floors on the elevator. Roll to your hearts content, but slow down if you see one of these in the distance.

In chapter 2, you will start to come across icy surfaces. As you can expect, your traction is a lot harder to control over slippery surfaces, so you need to apply your momentum much sooner than usual. Rolling too late can easily send you off the edge, so be careful!

Multiplayer Guide!

When you play the multiplayer mode, you may noticed that you are not immediately given an objective and that is because multiplayer mode is basically a “keep away” mode.

One of the players in the server has the crown. When you have the crown, you will begin to generate points. If another marble gets close to you and uses their blast ability, they will steal the crown and start to get points for themselves.

So, if you do not have the crown, check which marble is generating points and then go straight for them! There are power ups littered throughout the stage to make your job easier, so be sure to use them. The boost power up is particularly useful as you can catch your opponent by surprise.

Once you are near them, let them have it with a well-timed blast. If you are successful and the crown is transferred to you, immediately get the heck out of there. Your opponent will now hunt you down, and you have to stay away from them. Use jumps, feather falls, and boosts to outmaneuver your opponent and stay one step ahead of them!

That’s all for Marble It Up: Mayhem! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Marble It Up: Mayhem Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Getting Fast Times

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