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Marauders: What to Do With Terra Tokens

Marauders: What to Do With Terra Tokens

Marauders is an interesting multiplayer project that allows you to participate in exciting matches against other users. The game is filled with various items that you can find in different locations and some of them seem to be confusing. Today we are going to talk about such an item. This guide will tell you what to do with Terra Tokens in Marauders.

What Are Terra Tokens in Marauders?

Marauders is a huge game and it has many different locations that you can visit. You will have your own spaceship and you will need to use it to board various space stations and other objects. One of them is known as the Terraformer Depot and it contains lots of mysterious items.

Terra Tokens are small golden things that you can find inside the Terraformer Depot. It seems that some players don’t understand how to use them. So, in this guide, we will try to explain to you how Terra Tokens work in Marauders.

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How to Use Terra Tokens in Marauders

In order to use a Terra Token in Marauders, you will have to go to the tunnels underneath the Terraformer Depot. There you have a chance to find a big locked door. If you encounter such a structure you will be able to use your Terra Token to open it. Usually, rooms behind these doors contain lots of valuable items. So, if you find a Terra Token we highly recommend you keep it as the reward will be really high.

Marauders has a huge list of various items that you can find and we will be glad if this guide helps you to learn something interesting about Terra Tokens and their usage. Good luck with your further exploration of the Terraformer Depot and other structures in this game!

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Marauders: What to Do With Terra Tokens


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