Marauders: How To Find The Mine Depot Location Guide


Marauder is a unique multiplayer game where you play as a space pirate, participating in epic spaceship battles. Explore deep space, raid colonies and space stations, and board other players’ ships, taking their gear by force and returning to your base before your oxygen runs out. Different locations have rare loot and special crafting resources! And today we talk about how to find the Mine Depot in Marauders.

Mine Depot Location in Marauders

There are many locations in Marauders. Each of them has different loot and enemies. Some locations are used for raids and contracts. Examples are Mine, Space Port, Damaged Capital Ship, Terraformer, and Merchant Ship. Many players don’t know how to find them and what awaits them in these locations. Our guides can help you to solve this problem and make your game interesting and more comfortable!

How to Find the Mine Depot Location

To find the Mine Depot Location in Marauders, you will need to board your spaceship to the Asteroid Mine and go to the Furnace. It can be found near the Security room and the Air Processing room. So, you just need to search for one of these rooms and explore its surroundings to find the Furnace.

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After you get to the Furnace room you will need to find a huge metal door. You will be able to see the word “Depot” written above it. This door is really hard to miss and hopefully, you will be able to find it with help of this guide. Mine Depot Location is behind this door.

Marauders have many quests, tasks, and challenges for every player. Our guides help to solve every problem, which wait for you in the future, so don’t miss them and your walkthrough of this game will be easier! Good luck, Capitan!

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Marauders: How To Find The Mine Depot Location Guide


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