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Marauders: How to Find the Gold Ring in Asteroid Mine

Marauders: How to Find the Gold Ring in Asteroid Mine

Marauders is a game where you can travel across the galaxy, fight with other players, discover asteroids and destroy spaceships. Multiplayer, the beauty of space, and exciting tasks are waiting for you, captain! Every task gives you a chance to feel the game’s atmosphere. Today we will tell you how to find the Gold Ring in Asteroid Mine in Marauders. 

What is the “Brigand Service Contract” in Marauders?

Tasks known as Contracts can give you a chance to receive useful resources, money, and XP. To find a Gold Ring, you must get a “Brigand Service Contract”. Your client wants to get some information about the mine’s deposits and their profitability.

And you can find out about it from a former worker of the Iridium Asteroid Mines. For this contract, you can also get a 225 Xp reward, 20 faction standing reward, and 11,000$. Take your spaceship and be ready to discover the tunnels and cave system of Iridium Asteroid Mines. 

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Iridium Asteroid Mines Location

When you get the contract, move your spaceship to the Iridium Asteroid Mines. In this location, you can find the gold ring. Park your spaceship in Hangar 3C and go to the metal door of Dock 4. Go deeper into the mines. 

Using the ramp head down near the Half Track Bike. The Iridium Asteroid Mine is captured by Raiders which secure it, so be careful – the cave system has patrols, which walk through tunnels. Fight with them and move ahead to Foreman’s Office. The bright red light on the wall will help you to find the doors to the office. Enter the door and collect a Gold Ring which is lying on the desk.

These coordinates can help you to find a Gold ring:

  • X = 67,000
  • Y = -5,500
  • Z = –910

This is everything you need to know about how to find the Gold Ring in Asteroid Mine. After this, you can get your rewards and continue the walkthrough!

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Marauders: How to Find the Gold Ring in Asteroid Mine


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