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Marauders: How to Complete the Mineral Mania Daily Contract

Marauders: How to Complete the Mineral Mania Daily Contract

One of the best ways to get some resources and spend your time interestingly in Marauders is to complete daily contracts. Fortunately, there are various missions you can complete. Therefore, you will always enjoy doing it. And in this guide, you will find out how to complete the Mineral Mania daily contract in Marauders. So, let’s get started!

How to Complete the Mineral Mania Daily Contract in Marauders

Before determining how to complete this daily contract, it would be best to know the requirements and rewards. And the fact is that there is only 1 requirement in this quest. You only need to deliver an Asteroid Nickel ore.

By doing it, you will get pretty good rewards, such as 225 EXP, 35 Faction Standing, 9,500 Dollars, STG-44, and 7.62 Ammo. Be sure that all these rewards are valuable, not only if you are a beginner. Therefore, completing this quest is always worth your attention.

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The main challenge in completing the Mineral Mania contract is finding ore samples. First, you should follow the ramp in the map’s center. Here you need to go forward until you find the Foreman’s Office. You need to head through this room and open the door. You will appear near minecart tracks. Feel free to follow these tracks until you find a short staircase leading to a small tunnel. And in this tunnel, you will find 2 dead bodies and the Asteroid Nickel Ore.

And if it is pretty challenging for you to navigate by words, use the coordinates below. They will lead you to an ore sample.

  • X: 65,700
  • Y: -5,210
  • Z: -1,494

In conclusion, Mineral Mania is just an ordinary contract, and nothing is challenging about completing it. Moreover, you can easily use coordinates to find Asteroid Nickel Ore. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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Marauders: How to Complete the Mineral Mania Daily Contract


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