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Mandrake Town Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Mandrake Town Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Mandrake Town is a charming new Android game that tasks you to build up a charming city and meet the requirements to keep its magical residents happy. And we’re here to help you get the most out of it by sharing some Mandrake Town cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

The truth is that things are pretty straightforward in this game where you slowly level up to unlock new features and elements, while everything is quite obvious. But if you want to make sure that you didn’t really miss any of the obvious features in the game, check out out Mandrake Town tips and tricks below!

Complete inhabitant requests
The main challenge of the game is to complete the requests of the Mandrakes in order to level them up and earn goodwill and experience points from them.

Leveling up your Mandrakes will give you all sorts of rewards, as well as help you level up faster, which is a great thing because you want to keep increasing your level in order to unlock more and more things in the game.

Give gifts to your Mandrakes
During summons or by other means, you will get all sorts of desserts and items that you can gift your Mandrakes. They love desserts – who doesn’t?

In order to give your Mandrakes a gift, simply tap one of their houses and then tap the gift icon under their icon. If you have an appropriate gift to offer them, it will appear in a new tab – make sure to do it as often as possible because gifts give you a massive Goodwill boost, leveling up your Mandrakes a lot!

Always produce items
There are just a few items to start with in the game, but slowly you will have more and more options in the game as you unlock new factories and features.

Make sure to always produce items because you will always need a ton of them in order to complete the missions and the requests from your Mandrakes. Keep producing the items that take a longer time when you are offline or playing minigames, and produce the shorter items when you can quickly tap to collect.

What are the flying dandelions?
Every now and then, flying dandelions will appear on the screen and you can tap them. They are of different colors, but so far I wasn’t able to find any actual use for them as they seem to never reward you with anything, even though I have tapped maybe 100 of them.

Hopefully they will hold some rewards in the future, but until then they seem to be nothing but eye candy.

Play the hot dog game!
Near the train station, you have the option to play an interesting game that gives you great rewards if you manage to play it good. It’s the hot dog game, where you have to feed sausages to your customers based on your preferences.

But it is a bit difficult to understand how this works, so here it is: each time a new hot dog game starts, you will see in the upper left corner two characters that prefer two different types of sausages. You should always give them their preferred sausage, while any other character will go with the default one (the one in the middle).

In order to score in the game, you will have to tap and keep tapping fast – as soon as a client is served, tap on the next sausage without waiting for the customer to arrive to the table. So to score a lot of points, you have to be fast and correct.

Things are a lot easier if you check out the customers in the queue before giving the first hot dog away, as afterwards everything happens really fast. But if you manage to play good games and score lots of points, you will get tons of awesome desserts for your Mandrakes.

What to do when you have no more quests?
It often happens for you to run out of quests in the game. If that happens, worry not – new ones will eventually be given to you. It usually happens after leveling up, getting a new inhabitant or building a new structure.

Level up your Town Hall
Your Town Hall is the most important building in the game, as its level influences the things you can get and buy from the shops and takes the game forward, together with your level. So make sure to always upgrade it and keep it at the maximum level possible.

Add friends and help them
Having friends in Mandrake Town is extremely important, because you can get a lot of goodies from them. So make sure that you add new people constantly and keep those that are active and helping you around. Also make sure to visit your friends and help them and your progress in the game will be a lot faster.

This would be all for Mandrake Town in terms of tips and tricks for fellow players. If you still have questions – or anything else to add – don’t hesitate to do so by posting your comment below.

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Mandrake Town Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide



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