Disney has launched a brand new match three game based on their Maleficent movie and it is called Maleficent Free Fall. A match three game with a bit of a dark side and a lot of magic, the game is certainly one to delight the players. I am here to help you get further in the game with some Maleficent Free Fall cheats and tips that will hopefully take you through all the levels and help you beat them with three stars each.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Maleficent Free Fall cheats and tips!


1. Start at the bottom
Extremely useful for those levels where you have to lighten up all the squares, but generally a good strategy for most levels. If you start matching tiles at the bottom, you increase your chances of getting combos above. Also, the sides are good places to start matches as they are the most difficult, in the end, to lighten up.

2. Go for at least 4 pieces
Matching 4 pieces or more or having the T or L shaped matches will give you special tiles with special powers. You should always try to get them and match as many tiles as possible for these added bonuses. And if you can then match them together, you’re ready to easily complete the level!

3. Use power-ups smartly
Power-ups or boosts are extremely useful in Maleficent Free Fall, but you should use them with caution: first of all, they don’t guarantee that you will win a level and they are also pretty expensive. Even though you earn free mana from completing levels, you will end up needing to buy some. That’s why you should only use them when they will really count and help you complete an otherwise difficult level.

4. Don’t be afraid to replay
Sometimes, the odds are simply against you and the pieces are arranges in a hard to beat way. Restart a level and eventually you will be able to beat it when the odds are in your favor and the pieces are arranged better.

5. Focus on chained items
…if you’re in such a level. In my opinion, these are the most difficult levels as matching around the required items is not enough and you have to use the chained items in a match to free them. Extremely challenging, so build up your play in such levels in such a way that you unlock them as fast as possible – and you don’t even look at other tiles!

6. The extra lives cheat
If you want free extra lives in Maleficent Free Fall, there’s the “time lapse cheat” that you can try: simply go to your device’s setting and change the time to a future date. This will refill your hearts meter and you will be allowed to play more!

And these would be, for now our Maleficent Free Fall cheats and tips. I really hope that you find them useful and that they will help you beat all the levels in the game!



  1. I had this game on my old iPhone I was on level 154 but my phone fried so I got a new one when I get to level 117 I will post any tips

  2. I’m almost at the end of the game it looks like, I’m sorry to see it end I’ve been playing it for awhile I could start again but I’ve already done that on a new phone I don’t think you can do anymore to the game but if you could that would be great.

  3. Hi I am stuck on level 100 – despicable thorns keep catching fire on me.
    Any suggestions?


    • Lennie, I just kept replaying until I got through. Some levels are just a bear and really annoying. Been stuck on 193 longer than any. So frustrating. Luck o’ the draw I think. Hope you got it or get it soon before you lose sanity. Lol

  4. I am at level 251 on the second map with flower bursts and it says I need to do 35 but I am not getting any other balls to burst. What am I doing wrong?

  5. I’m stuck on level 1143 on the second map. There 16 balls to break, after you break the first 8 you run out moves or life and the other balls never come out. Any suggestions on how to beat this level.


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