Make More is a brand new game for Android and iOS powered devices, one that comes with a interesting new approach to the genre, making it more addictive like ever. Especially because you have to make more. And more. And we’re here to help! In this article, I will share with you some Make More cheats and tips that will help you unlock more factories, get a ton of workers and unlock everything. You’ll have fun!

This guide is especially useful for beginner players, but more experienced players should read it too because they might find something they didn’t know about as well – the game does have its surprises! So without further ado, let’s check out below some Make More! tips and tricks for the iPhone and Android game!

1. Hire the highest level workers first
A really interesting thing about the workers you ca hire for your factories is that the price remains the same, no matter what’s the level of the worker. This means that you should always hire the highest level workers first since they produce materials faster and also save you some money when it comes to upgrading them. If you’re not doing this, you lose a lot of time and money.

2. Click with both hands
Even if you use multiple fingers on a single hand, you will still get less in terms of production boost than if you tap with both hands and as many fingers as possible. It might also help if you tap on both the left and right side of the screen for an added bonus, but I am not 100% sure about that. However, tapping with both hands and 4-6 fingers will surely give you a bigger speed boost than tapping with a single hand.

3. Spend more time in your best factory
As you unlock new factories, they will each have to go through the leveling up process of producing similarly valued products, but everything will cost more. Even though you will want to spend time early on tapping and leveling up the produced items ASAP, it’s best to spend more time in your best factory in order to get the most from the flying bonuses. The pouch of gold is a lot better in your top factory because it gives the most money: if you get one in a lower level factory, you will receive less, and you are not allowed to quickly navigate to another factory when the flying pouch arrives in order to get the extra coins.

4. Upgrade everything
Upgrading your workers is extremely important, as they will produce items faster. And when you reach the maximum level with a factory, you need all the speed bonuses that you can get! But also extremely important is upgrading the amount of items they can produce, which is done by tapping the icon in the upper left corner. It took me a while to see that it exists and therefore I lost quite some money when I was away from the game because the production got maxed really fast. So consider upgrading the capacity of the tables to at least 100 as soon as possible and remember that the higher the number, the more money you will get when you are not playing for a long period of time.

Don’t overdo it here, though: always check the production times and plan ahead. For example, in my first factory, I have upgraded the storage to 400 and it takes 11 hours for my workers to fill the numbers. This means that it would be nothing but a waste of money to buy more because I will never (or rarely) be away from the game for more than 11 hours. You can check out the production times to fill the storage in the workers menu, by tapping the speech bubble of the boss, the one that appears to the top right.

5. Don’t waste your premium currency
Premium currency is really difficult to obtain for free in the game and you should play smart when it comes to spending it. I personally would recommend to wait the extra hours or days and get enough to increase the pay bonus instead of the tap bonus, because in the long run you will get more from that. Keeping the tap bonus to 2 or 3 should be enough in most cases, especially early on. Also, you should carefully plan the spending between all your factories: focus on the original factory at first and slowly move with profit increase upgrades to new factories you open, having in mind that the original factory will be for a long time the one that will make you the most money (and therefore the one you should invest most premium currency in).

6. Big Boss and Robots
At the moment of writing this article, I didn’t get to collect the first trophy and unlock Robots in the game, but I believe these go hand in hand: when you unlock your first trophy, when you get all five factories to level 20, you will probably be allowed to reset the game and gain robots that will make future progress a lot faster. We’ll update this article with tips regarding to these mechanics once we get them (or you can share with us your tips in the comment section below).

So these would be, for now, our Make More! game tips and tricks. I really hope you’ll find them useful and they’ll help you progress through the game faster.


  1. Has anyone unlocked the second trophy? I got the first one easily but I’m now stuck at 100/200 on the second one. All of my factories are actiting like they are still maxed at 20 levels each.. but I’m only half done with the trophy.. please help me.

  2. Does the number in the bottom left of the little box with the product mean that’s how much of that product you need to make because I’m so confused lol.

    • That’s actually the price of the product. And it shows how much you have to make when you get a quest from the Boss. The bar to the right shows the progress to the next level.

  3. I have two more trophies to unlock but to get better we save green money abd do multiplayer to x2 or x3 from the beginning it’ll help you get more money which like so you’ll unlock much faster everything

    • Cashes in premium currency (money) for game currency (coins).

      It’s a horrible idea cause the exchange rate is WAY to low and it’s not really an “investment” of the premium currency and does’t last forever.

      It’s also a premium currency sink because it’ll always cost less dollars than the tap and profit multiplier so people will be more inclined to spend that 5 dollars then say, save up 12 dollars for the next tap or profit multiplier. Thus keeping players broke of premium currency and more inclined to buy premium currency with real, actual money.

      In other words, it’s a scam.

      • The medals do 2 things: One – it will raise the employee up to level 10 immediately. Two – it adds 50% product price bonus for each product they make. You can see that at the top right of each employee in the 2nd tab (edit employees and desks screen)

  4. This is a good thread about the game on Reddit:

    I followed their advice, and stopped spending “dollars” on anything but tool upgrades. There is an upgrade to “add a medal to every Big Gift.” That upgrade costs $50; I will try that before I move to Level 3, and see what happens. I am about halfway through Level 2, waiting to purchase the second trophy.

    I see that after purchasing gold tools for $100 (and getting 2X profit forever)… you can then buy jade tools for $200, and get 3X profit forever. I will see what happens.

  5. The 5 factories notes:
    1) The product price for the same level products increases for each of the new (right most) factories that you add. So the 1st factory is 1000 coins for level 20. The 2nd factory is 1100 coins for level, etc.
    2) Interesting note about this. The “real” life time it takes for 9 level 10 employees in each factory, with the same desk size and same factory level are the Same! You can verify this by having 2 factories with all the same level employees and same desk size and same factory level, then look at the bubble in the employee edit tab.

  6. Just thought I’d say I’ve been playing since December and I’m on the 16th trophy, which is Russia, and if I didn’t manipulate the date and time setting ma on my phone it would’ve taken me probably a year or more to get there. So if you wanna see progress, mess with your date and time settings in your phone as well

  7. *** LilB ***

    When you upgrade a factory, while still working towards the same trophy, you get to keep your factory and “fist pound” multipliers, until the end of that trophy.

    When you start working on a new trophy, you lose all multipliers, all gold, all employees. The only upgrades that are permanent are:

    1) Tool upgrades (plain –> gold –> jade –> diamond –> ???? )

    2) “Lucky Leaf” (guarantees a medal in every big gift box)

    It seems that the best thing to spend your dollars (green dollars, not gold) on are tool upgrades and the lucky leaf. I got my golden tools first, then my lucky leaf. Right now, I have 172 dollars, which I will use to buy the jade tools when I get to 200. [James, how much did your diamond tools cost?]

    Until I can no longer buy tool upgrades, spending dollars on the two multipliers (factory and “fist pound” or “motivation” or whatever) seems kinda stupid.

    Once you have robots in all your factories, you can spend gold on giving them higher percentages, but I don’t know if there is a maximum to this. Right now, I have one robot at 1200% and the next upgrade would cost 300 million gold coins–I think I’ll pass on that.

    I don’t run my table capacity higher than 400. The next trophy I might even limit it to 300.

    James seems to know what’s going on, please correct me on anything I’ve said here.

    • I forgot how much my diamond upgrade costed me sawry :( , and I think robot upgrades are unlimited but it gets ridiculously expensive (trillions, I kid you not) and upgrading your table is a waste, just mess with the time settings to the future I guess and collect and upgrade that way :D

  8. TRY THIS!!!

    I got this from a comment in a thread above:

    “I don’t know, but I discovered that if you tap repeatedly on the duck at the bottom of the screen while in settings you will get some notes/bills at tap #100 and #1000. I didn’t continue tapping, but probably there may be more at #10000…”

    Okay, THIS WORKED FOR ME!!!!

    I started tapping the duck at the bottom of the “Settings” screen. The duck and the MAKE MORE! banner will pulse, move when you tap the duck. You have to tap the **duck** … not the banner!

    After 100 taps, you get 1 green dollar.

    After 1,000 taps, you get 3 green dollars.

    I did not go to 10,000 taps, I stopped right after the 3 dollars at 1,000 taps.

  9. Does anyone know how many sets of trophies there are? I thought it stopped at two but I finished that set of trophies and started another set.

  10. Update: 4/5 of my factories are at lvl 300……this is taking so long lol! I’m just tryna see what’s the third set of trophies after these countries

  11. Gold tools = $100 gives 2x multiplier
    Jade tools = $200 gives 3x multiplier
    Diamond tools = $300 gives 4x multiplier
    Dragon Glass tools =$250 gives 5x multiplier

    There are now 140 characters to hire.

    Currently on level 14, took about 3 months because I dont use the time warp cheat.

  12. After this past update, the robots are way more expensive. Before the update my 45th robot (last robot to purchase per level) would cost me about 550 million, after the update my 35th robot is costing me 3,920 million!

    I not happy with this update in regards to robot price gouging.

    All the other features I don’t mind, like the frozen workers, balloon filled factories, and workers quiting.

  13. Okay, I have the game on my tablet, and it sounds like I do *NOT* want to upgrade!!! My robots are still relatively cheap, and I don’t have access to Dragon Glass or Adamantium tools. Hhhhmmmm…

    Here’s what I’ve encountered so far on the trophies…

    Trophy 01 — “Cup”
    Trophy 02 — “Oscar”
    Trophy 03 — “Lincoln”
    Trophy 04 — Eifel Tower
    Trophy 05 — Big Ben
    Trophy 06 — White House
    Trophy 07 — Coliseum
    Trophy 08 — Taj Mahal
    Trophy 09 — Pyramid
    Trophy 10 — Matterhorn/Everest (mountain)

    Country 01 — UK/Great Britain
    Country 02 — ?
    Country 03 — ?
    Country 04 — ?
    Country 05 — ?
    Country 06 — ?
    Country 07 — ?
    Country 08 — ?
    Country 09 — ?
    Country 10 — ?

    Planet 01 — ?
    Planet 02 — ?
    Planet 03 — ?
    Planet 04 — ?
    Planet 05 — ?
    Planet 06 — ?
    Planet 07 — ?
    Planet 08 — ?
    Planet 09 — ?
    Planet 10 — ?

    • Let me add to your list:
      Country 2: Spain
      Country 3: Italy
      Country 4: France
      Country 5: Germany
      Country 6: Russia
      Country 7: Japan
      Country 8: China
      Country 9: United States
      Country 10: Finland
      Planet 1: Moon
      Planet 2: Earth
      Planet 3: 8 Ball
      Planet 4: Mars

      That’s all I have encountered so far.

  14. If you go to settings and tap the duck 10,000 times you will get 5 dollars. It will not let you tap more than that. It took me about 30 to 40 min straight of tapping….don’t pause to long or you will reset you taps back to zero

  15. Okay, where’s everyone at right now? I’m about halfway through the nations/countries. I made the mistake a couple of weeks ago and upgraded the app… not sure what version I’m on right now. But I have laser tools, and it’s not showing me any other tools beyond that.

    Here’s what the Google Play store has right now:

    June 20, 2017

    What’s New
    v1.5.0 + v1.5.1
    A HUGE UPDATE for Make More!
    * NEW FACTORIES appear when you get your first trophy!
    * Make big profits on FASHION INDUSTRY and ROBOT INDUSTRY!
    * Get the CLONING MACHINE to hire clones of your favorite workers!
    * Collect GOLDEN DUCKS to earn some extra cash!
    * 20 NEW WORKERS!
    * The ROBOTS are now CHEAPER!
    * Other improvements and bug fixes

    • version 1.5.1 on android from google play store
      completed 16 trophies
      currently 1646/1700 for the 17th trophy
      17B current coins
      631 current dollars
      I have laser tools 7x, working on getting ludicrous tools 10x costs $999 :(
      I have some robots up to 3100%
      collected 151/160 workers
      ..and did not purchase the cloning machine

  16. Trophy 01 — “Cup”
    Trophy 02 — “Oscar”
    Trophy 03 — “Lincoln”
    Trophy 04 — Eifel Tower
    Trophy 05 — Big Ben
    Trophy 06 — White House
    Trophy 07 — Coliseum
    Trophy 08 — Taj Mahal
    Trophy 09 — Pyramid
    Trophy 10 — Matterhorn/Everest (mountain)

    Country 01 — UK/Great Britain
    Country 02 — Spain
    Country 03 — Italy
    Country 04 — France
    Country 05 — Germany
    Country 06 — Russia
    Country 07 — Japan
    Country 08 — China
    Country 09 — United States
    Country 10 — Finland

    Planet 01 — Moon
    Planet 02 — Earth
    Planet 03 — 8-Ball
    Planet 04 — Mars
    Planet 05 — ?
    Planet 06 — ?
    Planet 07 — ?
    Planet 08 — ?
    Planet 09 — ?
    Planet 10 — ?

    Thanks to user Lmnop for helping out on this list!

  17. I have a BIG QUESTION for everyone…

    Does anyone know of a way to transfer all my progress over to a new or upgraded device? I’m seriously thinking about taking the plunge and flashing a new ROM onto my Android tablet… it would be a step up or two, from Jellybean to KitKat. I’d be using a homegrown version of Android.

    Would that Google Games crap help with keeping my progress, so I don’t have to start over?

    Thanks! :)

    • If you want to migrate I’d suggest updating the MakeMore app, then go to settings->cloud and click Save to Cloud. Make sure you are using the same gmail account for both devices. Then do your device switch, download the MakeMore app and go to settings->cloud and click Load from Cloud. That should restore your game progress….I’ve already had to do this across 3 devices.

    • There is a way, if you get your computer or laptop. You can insert your phone with the usb of your chrager. Tou can go to the settings to change the purpese, then go into your phone and grabb all the files of make more, then grab your other phone. Do the same thing with plugging, and place the files you grabbed into your new phone at the exact place. Volia. You got your app and yot your data back

    • If the lightning bolt tab also has a star on it, it means that they are running a sale. and, on that tab if you look up top, there is also a star on the boss’s table. it should have a timer that’s counting down usually 2 hours. when you tap on that star you will see what the sale is for. I have seen sales for $1 $3 and $20 of real money. Some sales give you in game dollars and other sales give you items such as a permanent multiplayer upgrade.

  18. 2 days ago, I started on the 30th trophy round. I spent a little more in-game dollars on the tap multiplier (10x) and coin multiplier (10x) + permanent tool multiplier (30x) = coins are 300x their face value.

    Currently I’m at 1400/3000 mini levels…1600 more to complete, hopefully in the next week.

    I’m curious to see if there are any other set of 10 trophies after the 30th trophy.

    I’ll report back here to let you know what I find.

  19. Found out something new today. You can only upgrade robots up to 10,000% +100% from a gold metal. Equals 10,100% total..and the last upgrade from 9,900% to 10,000% costs about 1,500B

  20. Does the top product on the first factory earn less than the other top products on the other factories, do the products in the 5th factory earn u more money than the products in the 1,2,3 and 4th factory?

    • Yes, the first factory Max level is the least amount, next is factory 2 then 3 then 4 and factory 5 is the most. Also, the multipliers from the gifts follow the same pattern.

    • When you open a new factory, you buy the first worker, then you can clone that worker for a second worker. If you pick worker that has a high percentage, then the clones will also have the same high percentage.

      • Thanks! And the option will be present on the screen when i try to hire them? (when the boss opens the window and looks for workers)

  21. Question, I see that my workers are coming with multipliers on them, how do they increase? Is it random? Or is it because I used them in the pass and not replaced them with robots

    • The percentages on the workers can be increased 2 ways. First way is to complete a medal, then all the workers used in that round will increase 50%. The second way is to award a worker a medal, this will also increase 50% and if they are below their max speed, this will also max out that worker speed for this round.

      Another thing to note is that the workers max out at 500%.

  22. As of version 1.8.x these are the tool multipliers available in the game.

    Tool | Multiplier | Cost | % Increase
    None | 1x | $0 | 0%
    Gold | 2x | $100 | 100%
    Jade | 3x | $200 | 50%
    Diamond | 4x | $300 | 33%
    Dragon Glass | 5x | $250 | 25%
    Adamantium | 6x | $250 | 20%
    Laser | 7x | $250 | 17%
    Ludicrous | 10x | $999 | 43%
    Master Tools | 15x | $800 | 50%
    Master Tools 2.0 | 20x | $800 | 33%
    Master Tools 3.0 | 25x | $800 | 25%
    Master Tools 4.0 | 30x | $800 | 20%
    Master Tools 5.0 | 35x | $800 | 17%
    Master Tools 6.0 | 40x | $800 | 14%
    Master Tools 7.0 | 45x | $800 | 13%
    Master Tools 8.0 | 50x | $800 | 11%

  23. Today when I opened my make more I saw a letter of a worker in make more and when I opened it a picture appeared and my worker was not there he was fully upgraded.Why it happened?


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