Ground control to Major Tom! Major Tom is a simple action platformer game in which you control the titular Major Tom as he jumps from planet to planet. See how far you can get and collect all the atoms on your journey to power up Major Tom! We’ll help you travel across the cosmos with our Major Tom cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Take your time!

Tom can stay on a planet and orbit around it indefinitely. There’s no reason to rush, especially since you need to aim your jumps well. Take your time and be sure to grab as many atoms as you can as you jump from planet to planet.

2. Follow the atoms!

The atoms in between planets are always lined up in a specific trajectory. This is the ideal and safest trajectory you should take when you’re jumping to the next planet. Try your best to time your jump so that you follow the line exactly, but make sure to watch out for any stray meteors!

3. Watch the planets!

As we said before, taking your time is very important! Each planet has its own rotation speed and direction, meaning that if you rush through your jumps you’re going to end up getting sideswiped by a planet’s direction. For example, some planets rotate clockwise and some counter-clockwise. They also vary in speed, and the speed determines how powerful your jumps are going to be. Pay attention to the planets so you don’t accidentally fling yourself off into space!

4. Dodge the meteors!

Sometimes, in the middle of an atom line, there’s going to be a meteor moving back and forth. You might be tempted to wait for an opening, but depending on the speed and direction of the planet you’re currently on, you might not get one. When you see one, it’s better to just skip the atoms and just jump straight to the next planet, dodging the meteor altogether. Don’t risk it!

5. Skip the jump speed upgrade!

The very first upgrade we bought was the increased jump speed one. This upgrade is near useless as the effect is hardly noticeable and there is only one instance it would be somewhat useful, and that’s dodging meteors, which you should have no trouble doing to begin with. Instead of buying this upgrade, save your atoms for either the multiplier or magnet power upgrades.

Major Tom is all ready for his cosmic journey! If you have any other tips or tricks for the mission, please let us know in the comments below!

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