Major Changes in Pokemon UNITE’s Patch

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Want to know what changed in Pokemon Unite’s newest patch, but too lazy to go through the entire patch notes? Well, luckily for you, this article is all about elaborating on the biggest changes brought about to Pokemon Unite through the update!

Duraludon and Alolan Ninetails: Nerfed

Duraludon has been completely dominating the meta in Pokemon Unite prior to the patch, and the developers have taken a keen interest in rectifying this apparent issue. Through this patch, Duraludon’s standard attack has been decreased by 10%, from 551 to a flat 500. Dragon Pulse has also gotten an overall 20% damage nerf.

Most importantly, Heavy Metal, Duraludon’s passive, is getting a cooldown increase from 30 to 50 seconds, another mammoth of a nerf. Heavy Metal was one of Duraludon’s best strengths, as Duraludon could simply invalidate support Pokemon with knock-ups by just staying in-game. Only Pokemon with stuns would do well against this hunk of a Pokemon.

Additionally, the other Pokemon that was affected the most through the patch is Alolan Ninetales. Ninetails-A was recently buffed with a dash on Aurora Veil which pushed the Pokemon to the primary attacker position in a tri lane. With this patch, however, came a nerf to the highly-regarded move, with an attack speed decrease when within the area of effect.

While Ninetails-A can shrug off the relatively small nerf to Aurora Veil, the same cannot be said for Duraludon.  This metallic dragon is going to have its position shifted in the competitive meta, probably getting dragged down from its broken status it held prior, and for good reason. It was an unbalanced threat and the developers made the right decisions to preserve the fairness of the game.

Other than these two massive nerfs, the update brought some needed changes to the game, such as minor bug fixes, text fixes, and specification changes.

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Major Changes in Pokemon UNITE’s Patch


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