Ah, those crazy pedestrian and even crazier drivers! The world would end if it weren’t for you and Maim Street to save some lives and destroy some cars. This is actually a really fun and addictive game and I am here to share with you a bunch of Main Street cheats and tips that will help you progress faster through the game, save more pedestrians and have more fun while unlocking all the costumes and items in the game.

So let’s not waste a single second, your in-game people are getting smashed as we speak: let’s check out some Maim Street tips and cheats below!


1. You can’t save everybody!
That’s the first rule that the game teaches you and what you should always have in mind. However, remember that you should always save or try to save more people than those you don’t, so look at the side from where the numbers come and focus on keeping those poor souls alive! Keep an eye on the top right side of your screen to know how many lives you can afford losing before you get the “game over” message.

2. Pick up all power-ups
It doesn’t really matter what it is, you are definitely better if you pick it up! So whenever you see a power-up on the road, rush to get it. My favorite? The exploding Demons which make your life so much easier!

3. Rent the Bazooka!
You can buy the weapon, of course, but you can also rent it by watching an in-game video. I recommend you do so because the bazooka is not just fun when it comes to blowing up cars, but it also saves you up a lot of trouble and gives you the chance to reach higher scores.

4. Check out the requirements
Tap the lower right icon in the main menu to get access to all the goodies that you can unlock in the game: you have Poses, Materials, Heads and “Stuff”. Browse through them and you will see that most can only be won in a prize pack – but many others can be unlocked if you complete special achievements and goals. Focus on getting those first in order to improve your gameplay.

5. Try not to have long car lines
The longer the line of cars you have created, the longer it will take for all the cars to pass by, so the lower your chances of actually saving more citizens. Therefore, in order to prevent those long lines from forming, try to move away and let the cars go as soon as the pedestrian has passed.

6. Don’t forget about the traffic cones
They can be simple (just swipe down to block all incoming cars on all lanes for a while) or special – if you collect power-ups, but never forget about them! Use them at the right time and you will be able to save more pedestrians than you usually do.

These would be for now my Maim Street tips and tricks – if you have any other to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below!



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