Magimon Adventures Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Magimon Adventures is a brand new monster collecting game from Animoca, who challenge us to collect and evolve over 150 monster cards along an epic adventure. Chances are that you already know what this game is about, though, and I am here to share with you more about strategies to help you win: Magimon Adventures cheats and tips to collect all monsters and win all your battles.

So if you’re having a difficult time getting past a specific stage, you’re at the right place as Touch Tap Play’s Magimon Adventures tips and cheats will surely help you out a lot! So let’s check them out below!

1. Increase your Monster Space first
You start out with very little inventory space and as you will collect more Evolution cards, it will be pretty difficult to organize your cards. So I suggest investing at least two Diamonds for inventory space upgrades after you receive one for free from the game. Get your monster capacity to at least 20 (ideally 30) in order to be able to keep the evolution cards and have some other monsters to play with.

2. Level up your best cards
As soon as you get at least a three star card, start leveling it up. Focus on your top card, then work your way down to the lower quality cards. Chances are that by the time you complete your top card upgrade, you will already have some good cards to upgrade. When leveling up cards, remember that if you use the same element, you will get an XP bonus, so it’s always beneficial to use same element cards when upgrading.

3. The perfect deck
Each island that you take on will have a specific element that most monsters will be of, so the best deck you can use is the one that has more monsters that are strong against that specific element. I would suggest to have two of your monsters of the element that’s more powerful and two that are neutral. Never bring a weak element into battle as that is just a waste of space.

4. Match with combos in mind
The combos are the most important parts of each game and the elements that you match shouldn’t matter that much as long as you can get 4-5 combo hits. If you have options, it makes sense to always go for the elements that harm your opponent the most. Leave the health tiles for when you really need them (after you take damage) otherwise it’s just a waste of good and helpful tiles if you match them when your health is full. Don’t forget to actually switch elements using the arrows button near the active one and create the perfect strategy!

5. Take advantage of your monsters’ powers
Most monsters have skills that can get triggered after an amount of time and/or turns, and you should always take advantage of that and use the skill when it’s most useful. In other words, a defense skill is usually good as soon as it is available, while an attack skill or tile changing one should be activated at the right moment, on the right target (don’t forget to actually select the target that’s weakest to the upcoming attack).

6. Prepare to do a lot of grinding
Check out your monster cards, see what cards are needed for them to evolve and invest everything else in leveling them up. Then keep playing the previous levels over and over again to get better cards and use them for leveling up purposes. That’s all you can do in Magimon Adventures in order to keep up with the increased difficulty of the game (if you don’t want to spend real money).

So this game is not one that you can easily beat, even though otherwise there are very few limitations (like energy). If you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow Magimon Adventures players, let us know by commenting below!

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Magimon Adventures Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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