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Magical Girl Celesphonia Guide – How to Stop Corruption

Magical Girl Celesphonia Guide – How to Stop Corruption
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Corruption is one of the many attributes in Magical Girl Celesphonia, an indie roleplaying game from developers Shimobashira Workshop, that governs the gameplay, story, and other significant aspects. 

When players get exposed to Miasma for a long time, they get inflicted with Corruption. With 100 Miasma, if you go to sleep, instead of getting rid of it, you will gain one Corruption. Moreover, with every fifteen points of Corruption, your soul will become irreversible, which means you cannot lower the Corruption. 

While there are certain benefits of getting Corrupted in Magical Girl Celesphonia, if you dislike bad endings, we recommend you avoid getting Corrupted. On that note, here is a handy guide on how to stop Corruption in Magical Girl Celesphonia

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How to Stop Corruption in Magical Girl Celesphonia

Image Via Kagura Games

In Magical Girl Celesphonia, you can reduce your Corruption level by visiting the Magic*Salve and using the different cures in exchange for a certain amount of Yen. Doing so will lower your Corruption level and reset it to a normal level. 

Though keep in mind, if you want to use Forbidden Equipments in the game from your Memoria, you must be at Corruption level 5. To get to the said Corruption level, you must accumulate 75 Corruption. 

If you ask us, we recommend going for a normal run in your first playthrough by avoiding Corruption and other negative attributes like Lust, Miasma, etc. After you have cleared the game with a good ending, you can experiment with high Corruption, Lust, and other such things. 

That concludes our guide on how to stop Corruption in Magical Girl Celesphonia. For more on Magical Girl Celesphonia, check out our dedicated guides section

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Magical Girl Celesphonia Guide – How to Stop Corruption