Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest

A few months ago a new game based on Magic: The Gathering has been announced for iOS devices. The game, called Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest, will be a match-3 puzzle game combining elements from the series as well as Puzzle Quest. A final release date for the game has yet to be confirmed but starting today players with access to the Singapore App Store will be able to enjoy the game.

A few hours ago Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest has been soft-launched on the Singapore App Store. The final version of the game may be slightly different from the soft-launched version but it seems like the game manages to combine Magic: The Gathering and Puzzle Quest in a very good way, offering an uncommon level of depth for match-3 puzzle games.

Being a RPG-puzzle game hybrid, in Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest players will have to match three of more symbols to attack enemies and activate a variety of special abilities. Players will also be able to unlock new spells and artifacts as they proceed through the game, adding more variety and options.

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest is now available on the App Store in select regions in soft-launch mode. A final release date has yet to be confirmed but we will let you know more about the matter as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news.


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