Magic Rush: Heroes is a unique mash-up of a tower defense and a real-time RPG. Assemble a team of legendary heroes, power them up using ancient runes, and send them off to fight through the kingdom in the traditional action RPG mode. When the time comes, you can also buckle down and set them up to defend a location in the tower defense mode. We’ll help you get through both modes with our Magic Rush: Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Runes runes runes!

The main way of strengthening your heroes – besides leveling them up of course – is to inlay them with runes. Runes are artifacts that you find from certain levels. Each hero can equip specific runes, and doing so powers them up. After you’ve completed a set of runes for a hero, they can “advance” and learn a new skill to use in combat. Try to find as many runes as you can!

2. Replay earlier levels!

Are your heroes just not strong enough? Try going back to earlier levels. Sometimes you’ll have heroes that will require the same type of rune. This means that you’re going to need duplicates, and this might require revisiting the earlier levels. Certain runes only drop in certain levels, so go to your hero rune screen. Each rune slot will tell you where to find the corresponding rune.

3. Position your tank well!

During the Tower Defense levels, you’re going to want to ensure your tank is in the most optimal position. You see, tank-type characters come equipped with two minions. These minions and the hero don’t do that much damage, but they’re invaluable when it comes to holding enemies in place, allowing your other heroes to do tons of damage. Try to position them in choke points surrounding your other heroes!

4. Bring a balanced team!

For the RPG combat levels, you have exactly five slots for your party. This is perfect considering there are five different roles. In general, it’s always optimal to bring one of each type of hero. That means tank, marksman, mage, support, and cannon. Certain levels you may want to specialize a bit more, but this should be enough to beat most of your foes.

5. Claim your free wishes!

The wishing pool allows you to open two types of chests: gold and diamond. The gold chests can contain items, runes, or heroes. You can open five of these for free per day. The diamond chests can contain items, runes, heroes, and sometimes rare heroes! You can open one of these for free once every two days. Be sure to claim your free wishes as soon as possible!

That’s all for Magic Rush: Heroes. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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