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Madtale Idle RPG Guide | Tips & Tricks

Madtale Idle RPG Guide | Tips & Tricks
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Madtale Idle RPG is a unique take on the idle RPG genre, as instead of an anime-like aesthetic, Madtale opts for a fairy tale theme. Players join forces with the likes of Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and more heroes from the stories your parents read to you when you were just wee little lads.

If you’re a fan of both idle RPGs and unique themes, then Madtale should be right up your alley. Before you dive into this dark fairy tale adventure, our Madtale Idle RPG tips and tricks guide can help you start your journey on the right foot.

Madtale Idle RPG tips and tricks guide

Madtale is pretty similar to other mobile RPGs. You’ll use the gacha summon to get more heroes and play through automated battles to unlock new content. Here are some tips to get you started.

Power through the main adventure

To ease you into the fairy tale experience, Madtale starts off with a lot of main mechanics and features locked. In this instance, you won’t have access to a lot of things that can help you power up your Partners.

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For this reason, we highly recommend powering through as much of the main adventure as you can. You can unlock things like faster battles, Wilderness adventures, and more—all of which help you enhance your favorite Partners.

If you’re familiar with these kinds of progression-based mobile RPGs, then you know exactly what to expect here. The faster you get through the main adventure, the faster you’ll be able to upgrade all your Partners.

Know your team composition

Every Partner in Madtale belongs to one of the five professions, which are essentially classes. They are as follows:

  • Warriors that boast high health and defense. They are best suited for the front row, as they can take more punishment than the other professions.
  • Sages are mages that have high intelligence and have a lot of utility from the back row. They can deal AoE damage, or even support the team with healing magic.
  • Sorcerers are similar to Sages, but they drop their utility in exchange for straight damage. They can deal good sustained damage. They’re still fragile, so keep them in the back row.
  • Archmages are hybrid warriors and mages. They’re very versatile, so you can place them in either row. Whereas the other professions deal damage, Archmages specialize in controlling and shutting down enemies, rendering them unable to act.
  • Assassins are extremely strong attackers that can deal high damage to single-targets. While lacking in AoE damage, they can take out key targets in a flash. Just like the mages, they’re pretty fragile, so they should be placed in the back row.
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Before starting a battle, you can place up to five Partners on the battlefield. There are two front and three back row positions, so make sure that your Partners are in positions that play to their strengths. Any of the mage professions placed in the front row are going to get blown up, so put some careful thought into your placements.

In general, it’s usually a good idea to build a balanced team composition. For example, while a team full of five Warriors will probably have no trouble surviving, they won’t be doing much damage.

Use the Camp counters to your advantage

In addition to professions, every Partner in Madtale belongs to a “Camp,” which is essentially a faction. There is a total of six Camps:

  • Council of Thorns beats Holy Light Order
  • Holy Light Order beats Tough Skeleton
  • Tough Skeleton beats Life Federation
  • Life Federation beats Council of Thorns
  • Deity and Witch beat each other out

When a Camp has an advantage over its target, they gain bonus damage and accuracy. If you’re having trouble with a specific group of enemies, it may be worthwhile to build your team around the enemy Camp.

In addition to the rock, paper, scissors aspect of the Camps, you also get stat buffs if you stack multiple Partners from the same Camp.

  • 2 Partners of the same Camp: ATK and HP bonus +5%
  • 3 Partners of the same Camp: ATK and HP bonus +10%
  • 4 Partners of the same Camp: ATK and HP bonus +15%
  • 5 Partners of the same Camp: ATK and HP bonus +20%

Deities and Witches work a little differently. Deities are essentially wild cards and will count towards any Camp bonus activating. Witches do not activate any Camp bonuses save for their own, so you’ll have to stack multiple Witches to get them. They get their own unique Camp buff list.

Play through the Wilderness areas

Early into the main adventure, you’ll unlock the Wilderness, which hosts several other sub-areas. The areas in here, such as the Underground Ruins and Giant’s Garden, are basically side areas that contain lots of helpful materials for upgrading your Partners.

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You should try to play through as much of the side areas as possible because they reset once the week is over. The areas will reset back to zero, and you can start clearing it again for more resources. Get in the habit of doing these areas as much as you can if you want to keep your Partners up-to-date.

Don’t be afraid to invest in lower rarity Partners

Madtale is a bit slow to start, as you won’t be getting any of the freebie summons until you progress through the main adventure enough. As such, your roster is going to be pretty limited early on.

With that said, the game’s difficulty starts to ramp up as soon as the second area, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re pouring enough resources into the Partners you do have to upgrade them. Don’t be afraid to use the resources, as you can always reset a Partner to get all of it back. Resetting costs a small gem fee, so while it’s not completely free, it’s not that expensive either.

Once you start summoning more Partners, you can then be a little more careful about where you invest your resources. If you’re unsure of what Partners to chase, be sure to take a look at our Madtale tier list.

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