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Madtale Tier List

Madtale Tier List
Image by Archosaur Games

If you enjoy playing strategy games where you don’t have to be constantly active, then you should definitely check out Madtale: Idle RPG by Archosaur Games. In this RPG, you play as Red Hood, who is searching for her grandma. On your journey along the story, the game includes other characters from classic stories and fairy tales, like Cinderella, the Mermaid, and Puss in Boots.

As you progress, you need to build a strong team of characters to handle the toughest stages in Madtale. However, with so many different characters to choose from, it can be confusing for players. In this guide, we have created a simple Madtale tier list to show you the top characters you should consider.

Best tier list for Madtale: Idle RPG

Image via Archosaur Games

In Madtale: Idle RPG, all characters have a role on the team, such as DPS, Support, Control, or Tank. Some characters even boast dual skills, like Independent Tin Soldier and Cinderella. When building a team, you have to make sure to have characters that cover a mix of necessary roles, like DPS, Tank, and Support.

For our tier list, we are only considering Glitter heroes (S+ and S rarity), as these are characters you prioritize the most in Madtale. I tried using Rare heroes in my playthrough, but they turned out to be weak: even the decent Legendary+ and Rare heroes are only usable in early game. Once you have made progress, you will need to invest in better heroes to clear stages and progress through the story.

Tier Character
S Abdullah, Veronica, Puss, Rilla Reed, Morgiana
A Mercury, Abigail, Archie, Ali Baba, Anneta Borun, Barbaloya, Gruel Lydon, Romanov, Coad Core Bonar, Ting, Anneta Borun, Merlin, Mary Perlo
B Cynthia, Eno Gaia, Vivian Schwan, Rozar Tilpo, Janik, Maria Lohr, Arnell Reed, Prabhu Phil, Lorin
C Renard Panni, Cassim, Mephis, Capet Augu, Vanessa, Kathy Keller, Alicia Lohr, Tybalt

S-tier characters are the best to play in Madtale: Idle RPG, and we also recommend you try A-tier characters to fill the empty slots in your team. Let’s now take a closer look at the S-tier characters and understand their roles.

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Abdullah (Joy Devil)

Image via Touch Tap Play

Abdullah serves as a support character, and he excels at buffing other characters. His ultimate, Arousing Drum, deals area-of-effect damage to all enemies while also buffing his partners’ attack for two rounds. Additionally, his passive skill boosts the Crit Rate of all partners when basic attacks are used.

Veronica (Scissor Girl)

Image via Touch Tap Play

Veronica takes on the role of a DPS character with Control capabilities. Her ultimate skill, Sketch, deals massive single-target damage and inflicts bleed damage. There’s also a 50% chance of stunning the enemy for 2 turns. Overall, she is a self-sufficient DPS in Madtale.

Puss (Puss in Boots)

Image via Touch Tap Play

Puss is classified as a Nuke character, since both his ultimate and passive skills deal a massive amount of damage to a random enemy. As he levels up, his damage-dealing potential increases even further. Additionally, after striking an enemy with his ultimate skill, he follows up with another attack.

Rilla Reed (Cinderella)

Image via Touch Tap Play

Rilla Reed proves to be an excellent DPS character in Madtale. Similarly to Veronica, she can inflict bleed damage on enemies for two turns. Moreover, she has a chance to counterattack when an enemy hits her.

Morgiana (Snake Dancer)

Image via Touch Tap Play

Morgiana, a beautiful Arabic dancer, has the ability to charm her opponents. At the start of a round, she has a 60% chance to charm enemies. When combined with her ultimate, Flame Viper, Morgiana can deal extra damage and stun charmed enemies.

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