Mad Art Millionaire is the most fun mobile game I have played in a long time. An amazing concept, players deciding who stuck to the rules better… this is the type of game that can top the charts for years with a bit of exposure. And it’s totally worth it!

But today, we’re not here to praise the game. Instead, we’re going to check out some Mad Art Millionaire cheats and tips in a complete guide for beginners (and not only). This will help you create better paintings and win your face-offs easily. And, of course, have more fun than ever!

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Mad Art Millionaire tips and tricks!

Upgrade the judges
Scroll all the way to the right when you have the chance and tap the judges. Invest some money to upgrade each of them: with each new upgrade, you get bonus coins if that particular judge votes for your painting in the face-off. That is extremely helpful in the long run, and one of the reasons why you have to start upgrading early.

Although I recommend spending most of your money early on for upgrades, you should find a balance between upgrading judges and purchasing new items. Without new items, it will be difficult for you to win the face-offs, so the upgraded judges would be worthless.

Collect the Rewards
There are two types of rewards that you unlock and have to manually collect: the gift sets when you win a face-off (which take some time and you can only work on unlocking two at the same time) and the rewards for a new best priced piece of art. Make sure that you collect all these as soon as possible in order to make room for more and better rewards!

Buy more items
Use the hard earned coins from your face-offs and voting to buy more items. Have as many items as possible and also upgrade the capacity for each item, because this is that type of game where you can’t have too much of something. But as I said at tip #1, find a balance between getting new items and upgrading the judges!

Use as many items as possible
Rare items and raw numbers increase the starting value of your painting, earning you even more as the judges vote for you. Therefore you should always use the maximum number of items you can in each painting, as long as it still makes sense with the topic on hand.

Spending some time to think about your topic and actually create something impressive is the key to winning the face-offs. Invest time and items and you will see it pays out!

Use the free refresh
I always recommend using the free refresh that you get with each painting. This gives you the chance to get a bunch of new items that you can use in your painting. There’s a strategy about this as well:

First, use as many items as possible from your first set of items, building a painting as close to the final deal as possible. Then, use the free refresh and get a new set of items. If you have better ones or if you can add additional stuff, do it to improve your painting. You can even remove some of the items in your painting, even if you don’t have them in the new set.

But the rule is to always use the free refresh because more items means more opportunities to create that ultimate piece of art in Mad Art Millionaire. But only do so after you are sure you don’t need any of the previous items anymore!

Check out the suggestions
If you really have no ideas regarding the topic you have received, tap the question mark icon to the bottom right in order to see three successful examples of paintings in that category. These are usually paintings created with a ton of advanced items, but they’re still good to give you some ideas to build your own.

Double your rewards!
Whenever you have the chance, watch that video and double the rewards. Not only that you get a lot more coins to spend on useful stuff in the game, but you’re also helping the game’s developers a little bit. They have managed to create an absolutely awesome game and they deserve all the help in the world to keep going!

These would be, for now, our Mad Art Millionaire tips and tricks. If you have other suggestions for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them with us all in the comment section below.


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