Back in July, we have previewed an amazing and extremely challenging game for mobile: Lunar Battle. Today, the game is available worldwide and you can test your skills at building a great base in space for humanity to thrive. And trust me, it won’t be easy! But we’re here to help make it as easy as possible by sharing a bunch of Lunar Battle cheats and tips.

Our strategy guide will help you build that perfect base, become a micromanagement expert and make sure that you’re always have everything that’s needed to keep your base operating at full speed. So

Place the buildings in good areas
Unlike most city building sims out there, Lunar Battle doesn’t allow you to move buildings after placing them. This means that you should be very careful with placement from the beginning – otherwise you will have to destroy them and rebuild them, losing resources in the process.

When building up your base, it is relatively easy to plan ahead: have in mind that eventually you will unlock roads, which are a thin, one square line. These will be needed to help your citizens move faster and you should build up your base with them in mind. Group buildings close to each other, making squares that will allow for access from four areas.

Also, trying to keep the buildings that don’t require direct interaction to a side (like oxygen beds and power generators) helps even more since you will have your workers access the buildings producing resources a lot faster and speed up things a lot.

Micromanagement is key
I would say that micromanaging resources is brutal in the game – but also one of the things that I love. The game manages to really make the base building game as difficult as possible, and you will constantly need to enable, disable and re-enable buildings based on requirements and energy. It is what makes the game in my opinion, but it takes a while to get used to this.

But you have to, otherwise there’s no chance to succeed! So always keep an eye on your warehouses and the number of items you have stored (try not to fill them up as I did once and slowed down progress a lot) and always keep an eye on the resources required to build your new structures. Based on that, enable or disable buildings in order to speed up production.

Usually, the food producing items should never be disabled, so always calculate your energy requirements based on having them run 24/7. Also, make sure you build the available expansions first for all buildings, as they give you more for less resources spent.

Watch ads to get parts
The game makes it somewhat easier for you to get the required parts without going through the waiting game. You can usually watch ads in order to fill up the numbers and I recommend doing so especially early on, when this helps a lot.

You can also watch ads to double your resource production for 2 hours – which also extremely beneficial, especially if you can spend as much time as possible in the game, making sure that you enable and disable the buildings are required.

Open the crates
Every now and then, crates will pop up around your base. There are premium crates which require premium currency to be opened, but you can also get crates that you open up for free. These hold valuable resources, so make sure you open them often.

Use the expedition center
Once you build this structure, make sure that you use it constantly. For some easy to get resources, you can send expeditions out there which will be back after 30 minutes with other valuable resources. Basically, you should take advantage of all the resources that you can receive in this game – and the expedition center is a nice way of keeping you running and getting the more difficult parts easily.

Connect to Facebook
Doing so allows you to start using the Jump Drive. That gives you the chance of sending and receiving crates from friends, which is another thing that will help you greatly in the long run. If you don’t have friends playing the game, you can share your Facebook profile ID and other fans of the game will add you. Make sure you add them back – the more friends you have, the better!

Upgrading your ship and space station
Apart from the base building part of the game, we also have the space exploration and fighting element, which adds up to the overall difficulty. One of the most important things you should do is keep upgrading both your Ship and your Space Station.

Since both require scraps for leveling up, I recommend focusing on upgrading your ship first because the stronger your ship, the better you will perform in battles and the more resources you’ll be able to gather, and therefore go for even more upgrades in return.

Winning your space battles
I have to be honest and admit that I have focused more on the base building part of the game than the space battles, but here are some tips I have for you in this area:

– find a balance between attacking other players and completing the missions in the game. The missions offer various resources, while the versus battles are great for quickly upgrading your ship and space station

– when getting into a fight, try to take out one enemy (the ship of the space station) ASAP. Time is limited and the AI has nothing against playing the waiting game. A good strategy is to find a safe spot and circle the space station over and over again, shooting at it constantly with your cannons while trying to avoid as much incoming fire as possible.

– test out various weapons and always try new designs and placements. Keep the longer range weapons towards the back of your ship and the lower range ones towards the front.

– another good strategy is trying to keep all weapons to a side in order to make it easier to focus fire. It works great against the space stations, but gets trickier once the enemy ships start moving

– learn from your mistakes. Keep an eye on all battles (including lost ones) and see what went wrong – or what went well for people who attacked you.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Lunar Battle. Do you have other suggestions for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below.


  1. None of my buildings make bread and I’m out of it. Where does bread come from? I cannot find a building in the list that produces it, and my game is effectively over until I do so.

  2. Please SOMEONE tell me where a second titanium mine is?

    Actually while I’m here, anyway to ‘hand in’ a mission? It didn’t register my acid pump so didn’t complete the mission.


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