Join the mystical and magical story of Luna Storia, a cute and colorful strategy RPG! In the world of Luna Storia, you will embark on your own journey following a trickster witch. She turns you into a puppet version of yourself, and now you’ve got to find a way to change back to normal!

Luna Storia is a charming game to look at, but don’t be fooled by its whimsical visuals – it’s packing a lot of depth and strategy! Our Luna Storia cheats and tips will start you off on the right note.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get right to it with our Luna Storia cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Remember the elements!

There are five elements in the world of Luna Storia: fire, water, earth, light, and dark. Fire beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire. Light and dark both beat each other out. Using the correct element against an enemy will cause your attacks to do double damage! Conversely, you’ll do half damage if you hit with the element the enemy is resistant to.

This may seem like a no brainer, but often times you’ll just want to brute force your way through campaign levels using big chain attacks. However, if you combine chain attacks with elemental bonuses, the damage you’ll achieve will be awesome!

Build a balanced team!

There’s no way to know what type of enemies you’ll be going up against during the campaign, so it’ll take a little trial and error here and there. To make things smoother, it’s best to build a team that’s balanced element-wise. There are exactly five party slots, and there’s five elements, so you should have a hero of each element in your team. This ensures that all your bases are covered!

Class up your heroes!

Increasing your heroes’ tier level is the main method of empowering them. You do this by gathering all the required materials and going into the profile page to class up. Not only do they get a big stat boost from this, but upon reaching certain tier levels they’ll gain access to special skills that make them even more powerful.

Missing materials to rank up one of your heroes? Don’t sweat it – you can tap on the material in question and the game will tell you what areas in can drop. It’s best to get far in the campaign so you have access to a lot of levels.

Don’t miss your daily advertisement!

We hate advertisements as much as you do, but the benefits of them in Luna Storia are great! If you tap Nana on the main menu screen, she’ll bring you to the Daily Ad section. You can watch an ad once a day, and if you do it consecutively for five days in a row, you’ll earn free gems, the premium currency of the game. What’s even better that you’ll be rewarded with a chest contain random goodies on the spot, so you don’t have to wait for the gem day!

The best part is that this will continue even after your first gem reward, so be sure not to miss any of your daily ads. This will help you earn enough gems to summon new heroes.

Keep an eye on your Sanctuary!

Your Sanctuary is basically your “farm”. You can buy and build structures that generate gold, mana, and more for you over time. You’ll need to come back to manually collect your resources though, so when you’re taking a break from adventuring through the campaign, be sure not to forget about your Sanctuary!

That’s all for Luna Storia! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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