Enter the world of Lumbercraft, a action crafting game where players build up their own home base from the ground up using nothing but the nearby trees. Collect lumber, buy equipment, and defend your village from hordes of enemies pouring out of the portals! Our Lumbercraft strategy guide will cover some tips and tricks to help you start your adventure on the right foot!

Short Range vs Long Range Towers

When approaching a spot to build towers, you get to choose from long range or short range towers. Short range towers are cannon towers that fire slow and deal lots of damage in one shot. Their shots are also explosive, so they hit multiple enemies at once. The splash damage is reduced, however.

Long range towers live up to their name and have much greater range, and while the shots don’t do as much damage at once as the short range towers, they fire at a much faster speed. They’re perfect for complimenting your short range towers, but they are prone to getting overwhelmed because they can only attack one enemy at a time.

Protect your Towers

When the going gets tough, you gotta protect your towers! On the later levels when the difficulty starts ramping up, enemies will target your towers more often. Without your towers you might get overwhelmed, so it’s in your best interest to protect them as much as possible.

Enemies will always target the closest thing to them, whether that’s you or one of your towers, though they will always prioritize you. You can take advantage of enemy AI by going near them when they’re attacking your towers, and they will immediately stop attacking and chase you instead.

If your towers are getting hit pretty hard, this is a good way to take the heat off of them. Just make sure to keep the enemies within the tower’s range so that they keep getting blasted.

Melee Combat

You can also attack enemies head-on with your axe and shield, but make sure to upgrade your weapon and armor before you do so because you can die surprisingly fast in this game!

Your hero will automatically attack enemies when they’re in range, just like how he chops down wood. Though, this doesn’t mean you should move up to an enemy and just stand there swinging until it’s dead – this is a quick way to get yourself killed! Instead, bob and weave – move in to attack then out to dodge the counterattack.

This is an especially important technique when you’re up against a massive horde. If you get surrounded by multiple enemies you can go down extremely fast so be very careful.

Level up your Sawmill

If you like to leave the game open and idle, you may want to upgrade the sawmill first. As you know, lumber is required to upgrade all of your buildings, and if you upgrade your home base you unlock tower slots. If you wait around at your base for too long, enemies will start to pour our of the portal, so you have to be on your toes even when you’re idling.

Leveling up your sawmill will help you get lumber faster, letting you upgrade your house more frequently and also build towers faster when you get the opportunity. It’s worth it to invest in the sawmill!

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