“Love Live! School Idol Festival” x “Persona 3, 4 & 5” Collaboration Date Announced


Love Live! School Idol Festival is a Japanese music-rhythm game with an interesting plot, which has earned unprecedented success both at home and around the world. On October 31, they will present collaboration with well-known Persona 3, 4, and 5.

The essence of the collaboration is that the members of the group will be dressed in costumes from the Persona games. And also you will have the opportunity to play on stage everyone’s favorite tracks by the composer Shoji Meguro:

  • Burn My Dread from Persona 3 wrote by Shigeo Komori, Yoshihiro Komori
  • Pursuing My True Self from Persona 4 wrote by Yu Namba, RyoRca
  • Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There from Persona 5 and written by Benjamin Franklin

Collaborative Member Details

Second-year Honoka Kosaka, a founder of the group U’S, received her voice from Emi Nitta. She is always smiling and is the emotional engine of the whole group. This single-minded idol will be wearing a 3-person Palladion costume, with a headband resembling a centurion helmet.

Next is Eli Ayase with the wonderful voice of Yoshino Nanjo. She is a popular third-year student and also 1/4 Russian. You will see her in the Penthesileia vestment also from Persona 3.

Kotori Minami with the voice of Aya Uchida will receive Johanna’s outfit from Persona 5. Something like steampunk. She’s also Hanako’s best friend.

Umi Sonoda is a girl with aristocratic habits and her hobby is archery. You will see her in the outfit of Konohana Sakuya from Persona 4, and you will hear the voice of the melodic Suzuko Mimori.

Tomoe’s outfit from Persona 4 will be given to the energetic and athletic Rin Hoshizora. Riho Iida gave her the voice.

Domineering pianist Maki Nishikino with the voice of Pile will perform in a scarlet Carmen dress from Persona 5.

Nozomi Tojo will be wearing a navy uniform inspired by Sukuna Hikona from Persona 4. Voice: Aina Kusuda

This collaboration will be mind-blowing.

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“Love Live! School Idol Festival” x “Persona 3, 4 & 5” Collaboration Date Announced


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