VH1’s hit TV show “Love & Hip Hop” comes to mobile devices in the form of Love and Hip Hop The Game! You will get to create a rising star and fight for your chance to make it in the entertainment capital of the world. Go from zero to hero by recording new songs, buying the latest outfits, and of course making it big with stars. We’ve got some tips right here with Touch Tap Play’s Love and Hip Hop The Game cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Love and Hip Hop is a unique and fun take on the music industry, and we had plenty of fun playing it. Let’s get started with our tips and tricks guide on Love and Hip Hop The Game!


1. Choose the Bills options!

Look for the actions that cost bills during events. Actions that only require energy drinks usually just provide you with experience, but usually nothing else. You’ll get diamonds and other rare goodies if you choose to spend a couple bills. Generally these actions involve buying some sort of food or drink. Bills are relatively easy to come by, so don’t be afraid of spending too much. Also, you can pick the same action again if you just wait a couple of minutes for it to refresh.

2. Dress for the occasion!

Make sure you dress for success! The clothes you can buy and wear aren’t just for cosmetic purposes – they actually improve your “stats” in ways! Articles of clothing in the shop may have either a kiss or microphone icon, sometimes both. You get better at flirting and dating by wearing clothing that has the kiss icon on it. You will get more experience and bills from recording sessions if you’re wearing microphone marked clothing. Change your clothes often to make sure you’re prepared for anything!

3. Fill up the progress meter as much as possible!

The higher an event’s progress meter is, the more experience and bills you’ll get from it. Try to complete as many actions as you can during an event. You can complete an event faster if you manage to fill up the progress meter all the way. Waiting for the event’s timer to finish is fine too. Be sure to come back to the game often so you can spend your energy drinks if you’re in the middle of an event. Energy drinks replenish at a moderate rate (five minutes for one energy drink) so keep notifications on for the game.

4. There is no time limit on tasks!

You’ll be barraged with a bunch of recording requests after you complete the initial tutorial of the game. Don’t worry though, as these events do not have a time limit. They will stay in your task list until you want to start working on them, so do not feel rushed. These recording sessions usually take at least an hour, so just come back every now and then to set yourself up for another session.

That’s all for Love and Hip Hop The Game. Got any more tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!



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