Lord of the Rings: Rise to War is a strategy game where your armies are led by variable commanders. However, some of them are good at buffing and supporting units in the army while the others are good at fighting. The Shadow is one of the nine Ringwraith also known as Nazguls. Today we are going to talk about this grim and terrifying ghost that inflicts terror on his enemies. This guide will tell you about The Shadow in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War.

The Shadow Best Equipment in LOTR: Rise to War

One of the main features of The Shadow in Lord of the Ring: Rise to War is his damage potential. But, his damage is based on both physical and magical attacks. It means that your equipment should improve both might and focus stats and to manage this you will need to sacrifice speed.

The Shadow Skills in LOTR: Rise to War

The Shadow’s skills in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War give him great damage potential. His first ability is basic for most human evil-side commanders. It is called Black Numenorian and it provides The Shadow with additional damage based on his focus. However, it is not the best skill in total and it is doesn’t have much of use for this commander. The most useful thing is one of the following upgrades of Black Numenorian which allows The Shadow to inflict heal reduction debuff on opponents. However, this commander has a better option for this purpose.

The second skill of The Shadow is called Undertaker. It inflicts poison on opponents. Also, it has a good upgrade that blocks healing. It works better than Black Numenorian as the healing reducing buff works for a longer time and additional poison damage is great.

The third and fourth skills are called Ringwraith and Shape of the Void. This improves The Shadow’s attacking potential furthermore by making opponents vulnerable to magic damage and allowing him to attack twice. This makes him a good damage dealer with both physical and magical damage types. Despite his relatively low speed, The Shadow can kill lots of opponents when he attacks.

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LOTR: Rise to War The Shadow Commander Build Guide


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