LOTR: Rise to War Commander Equipment Guide

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Players capture land and raise armies to control the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, a geo-strategic seasonal wargame.
Raising armies, conquering territory, and strengthening defenses are all critical aspects of the game. However, a lot goes into doing these things, and it can be confusing for newer players. There are resources to think about, and players must upgrade buildings. Logistics, as in most wars, is critical to victory.

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Players create their power ring, which can be leveled up to unlock new abilities as the campaign progresses. Because the game is multiplayer, they must work together with their allies to defeat their foes. The game’s final objective is for the factions to capture Dol Guldur, located in Mirkwood, and claim the territory for themselves.

LOTR: Rise to War Commander Equipment Guide

If you use gold equipment and it’s not leveled up, it’s not stronger than a fully leveled-up blue piece of equipment. So if you can fully level up a blue piece of equipment, use that instead of your gold with zero stars. No doubt, if you can get some purple stars equipment, it’ll be more vital to dominate the arena. Thus, Blue stats at three-star max leveled can compete with gold without much hassle.

In the game, when you use the equipment in the field (not in mock training but when you go to attack tiles or do sweeps), you gain something called “Utilization Points.” At 100 utilization points, the equipment’s statistics go to their full potential based on their stars for their strength and refinement.

This means that if you don’t use the equipment and you’ve just equipped it to a commander, it will be very weak compared to equipment leveled up to 100. Strengthening your gear is extremely important, and having a strengthened piece of gear is always better than having nothing.

You cannot level up your equipment with mock battle training! You have to level up your equipment by fighting with it in the field, attacking tiles and doing sweeps. It takes time to level it up, but the payoff is worth it.

Strengthen Equipment

Strengthening increases the stats of your equipment without affecting their special effects. Strengthening also consumes equipment of the same quality and type. After a piece of equipment has been strengthened three times, subsequent strengthening requires the consumption of equipment of the same name.

One thing to note is that strengthening cannot fail, so no worries. The number of times a piece of equipment can be strengthened is related to its quality. A piece of equipment can be strengthened up to five times.

When a piece of strengthened equipment is consumed as a material to enhance another piece of equipment, it will count as duplicates of the same item depending on the number of times it has been strengthened.

When the materials are added to exceed the required amount, the excess will be returned to players as items of the same name. Items returned can only be used as materials for strengthening.

Dismantling equipment: A wise idea?

Equipment will disappear and turn into Equipment fragments after being dismantled. The number of fragments gained depends on the rarity and strengthened level of the equipment. So, if you have enough, just dismantle!

What is Familiarity?

Newly equipped equipment has a Familiarity level of 0 and only affords 50% of the equipment’s stat boosts. Become {Familiar} with equipment to enjoy 100% of its stat boosts.

Kindly note that removing equipment will reduce the Commander’s familiarity with said equipment to 0 and must be acquired anew after re-equipping the equipment.

LOTR: Rise to War BEST Factions

When you first start playing The Lord of the Rings Rise to War, you must choose a faction—each faction has its hotspot location on the map, unique buff, and starting commander. When you tap a faction, you’ll see its buff, particular unit type, map location, and a tip in the lower-left corner, which shows the game’s starting commander information. In our opinion, Gondor Faction, Rohan Faction, Isengard Faction, and Mordor Faction are the four best-starting factions in LOTR Rise to War.

  • Gondor

If you believe that “defense is the best offense,” you might want to start the game by siding with Gondor. It’s currently the best defensive option of the bunch, and it can help those who prefer a more passive approach to combat.

  • Rohan

The Rohan faction is currently regarded as one of the game’s fastest factions. Thanks to the Faction Trait, it’s simple for troops to charge into battle and land the first blow, which increases your army’s march speed by three. This aids their early-game damage, which in some cases can be the deciding factor.

  • Erebor

During the beta, it was widely assumed that the Erebor Drawves were on par with the Elves in terms of performance. This type of outcome is due not only to mechanical capabilities but also to player choice. It’s difficult to say how much of this was caused by a population imbalance in retrospect, but there’s no reason to believe that those who chose it in the beta will choose it again.

Your kin will almost certainly be present if you’ve played before. The experience will be crucial in the coming battles, and siding with the faction that has seen it all before will undoubtedly help.

  • Mordor

While not quite as good as Gondor in terms of defense, Mordor can undoubtedly hold the fort. Extra resource production is a trait bonus that helps with a variety of in-game tasks. Mordor is a good choice for those who want to focus on defense without sacrificing too much utility or offense. It’s also a “cool” choice.

  • Isengard

Isengard, now teeming with Orcs, “wiped the floor” with server four. That is high praise for any faction, and it gives reason to believe it can do it again when the game is released. However, two very different things are choosing a faction based on how “cool” they appear versus powerful.

That’s the basics in a nutshell. Tell us what you think of the game, and if you haven’t played it, what are you waiting for? It’s free to play and easy to get into. Go ahead and give it a try, and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this LOTR: Rise to War Commander Equipment Guide for tips!

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