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Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath Blocked: How to Fix

Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath Blocked: How to Fix
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If the Upper Calrath area is blocked for you in Lords of the Fallen after defeating Judge Cleric and you want to get past to reach Brahmis Castle, then this guide is here to help you. 

As you may know, Upper Calrath is one of the end-game areas in Lords of the Fallen that leads to the Brahmis Castle, where the king of Mournstead resides. You access it for the first time when you defeat the Skinstealer boss via the cage elevator, which also gives you access to the area’s Vestige, called Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian. 

However, when you progress through the game and defeat Judge Cleric to open the path to Brahmis Castle, you will find the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian room door blocked. If you need to know how to get past the blocked door in the Upper Calrath in Lords of the Fallen, here is all there is to it.

How to get past the Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath blocked door

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The Upper Calrath door being blocked is not an error or bug, as it is meant to be blocked once you defeat Judge Cleric and The Lightreaper. So, assuming you have defeated these two bosses and are trying to get to Brahmis Castle, the final main area of the game, you have to take a detour and unlock the Upper Calrath door by removing an Umbral Entity. 

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First, head to the Skyrest Bridge, the hub area, and make your way past Pieta’s boss arena. When you reach the end, on the left side, you will find a small door leading to Upper Calrath, which you should have unlocked when you first reached Upper Calrath. 

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Use the door and keep following the main path until you reach the big open area where you fight The Lightreaper, granted you failed to defeat him in your past encounters. 

After defeating The Lightreaper boss, keep heading straight until you reach the Upper Calrath door’s other end. When there, head to Umbral and remove the Umbral Entity right above the door. Doing so will unlock the door and give you access to the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian. 

That concludes our guide on how to fix Upper Calrath blocked in Lords of the Fallen. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lords of the Fallen section

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Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath Blocked: How to Fix