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How to Get to Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen 

Having trouble to find the castle or remove the blockade? Here's how you can reach Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen.

If you’re struggling to get to Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen or don’t know how to remove the blockade saying “The gate does not budge” in Upper Calrath, this guide is here to help you. 

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Brahmis Castle is the 22nd area that you can access via Upper Calrath after clearing certain areas and defeating particular bosses in the game. 

But due to the expansive dual world offered in Lords of the Fallen, many players fail to reach it, stopping them from clearing the game. So, if you are once such a player, keep reading our guide as we share all the prerequisites while detailing the path that you can take to reach Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen

How to get to Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen

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To get to the Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen, you must first progress the game until you have reached the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers via the Path of Devotion. You can reach that through Pilgrim’s Perch, one of the main connecting areas in the game. 

When you reach the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, keep progressing the game until you clear the following areas:

  • Tower of Penance 
  • Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters
  • The Empyrean

Once you clear The Empyrean by defeating the main boss, which we will not talk about to avoid spoilers, you can head to Skyrest Tower and use the path opposite of Pieta’s boss arena to reach the Upper Calrath area. 

Keep progressing until you reach the large open ground. That is where your final battle with The Lightreaper happens. Once you defeat him, follow the straight path until you reach the area where you first encountered “Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian.” 

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You find the Vestige locked, along with the door leading to it. Head to Umbral and remove the Umbral Entity found right above the entrance to activate the said Vestige. 

Once that is done, from the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian, head straight, and you will fight one of the NPCs that have been accompanying you throughout the game, the Iron Wayfarer. 

When you defeat the Iron Wayfarer, you can interact with the infestation blocking the path to Brahmis Castle. Doing so will remove the blockade, finally opening the way to Brahmis Castle. 

That is it. That is how you get to Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Lords of the Fallen section

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How to Get to Brahmis Castle in Lords of the Fallen