The Lords of Conquest have set about the world and they plan to conquer it all! Choose your leader and faction and fight for their cause in this enthralling MMO strategy/base building game! Lords of Conquest plays out like a typical base strategy game, so if you’re familiar with the genre you’ll know what to expect. We’ve got some helpful hints right here in our Lords of Conquest cheats and tips.

There’s lots of building, upgrading, and researching to do, so let’s get started with our Lords of Conquest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to build the ultimate kingdom!

Don’t worry about your Faction choice!

Don’t worry too much about your Faction choice at the beginning of the game. All it determines is what passive buffs you get (which are small anyways). That’s it! All factions go through relatively the same experience, building the same kind of structures, fighting the same war, and so forth.

Complete the Castle Quests!

If you’ve played a base building game like this before, you know exactly what to expect here! At the right side of the screen is the recommend quest. You should always try to complete these whenever you can, as they’ll ensure that your kingdom is outfitted with all of the latest upgrades and buildings possible at your level.

Not only will your kingdom grow stronger, but you’re also be handsomely rewarded with various resources every time you complete one of these quests. Just completing the first couple of sets will end up with you having over 100k worth of resources of each type! Needless to say it’s very much worth your time to complete these quests.

Join a Warband quick!

Warbands are this game’s version of guilds. You get the usual bonuses: allies can help speed up your building times, they can come reinforce you when you’re marching and attacking, and so forth. The best thing though is that you are awarded with 200 gold upon joining a Warband for the first time.

So, to take advantage of this, we recommend joining one as soon as possible. Don’t think too hard about it – you can always leave a Warband whenever you want if you end up not liking it.

Use your Free Expert Team explorations!

At the Hall of Heroes, you can send out search teams to have a chance at recruiting new soldiers to your cause. You can have two options: the Expert Team and Elite Team.

The Expert Team has a chance to recruit Rank C through A units, and you can do a free explore every ten minutes. You can do this up to five times a day, so don’t forget about them! After that they’ll cost silver, the regular currency.

The Elite Team has a chance to recruit Rank A through S units, meaning this is the best option if you want the best of the best. You do one free Elite Team exploration every day, then it’ll cost a lot of gold afterwards.

To build up your army, don’t forget to take advantage of your free explorations to get as many units as you can.

Check if your Bag for extra resources!

If you’re ever in need of a few extra resources, try digging around in your Bag. The game likes to reward you with consumable items that immediately grant you a specific resource upon use, and you’ll gather up a bunch of these naturally as you play through the main campaign quests.

You’ll also find Level Up Chests in here. These chests contain a random amount of awesome goodies, like speed ups, resource consumables, and more. These chests can only be opened when your castle has reached the level noted on the chest.

Keep your Kingdom busy!

As you can expect, the key to success in Lords of Conquest is the same as all other base building games: stay busy! There’s a handy little window on the left side of the screen that shows if you have any builders free, any research slots free, and if you have any troops marching in the world. Utilize this window to make sure that there’s never a dull moment in your kingdom – you always need to be on the move to ensure that you’re ready for anything!

That’s all for Lords of Conquest. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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