Looney Tunes Dash! Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Run your way through a new adventure with a familiar cast of characters – that’s right, the whole looney gang is here! Jump and slide through levels with Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird, and more as you see how far you can get in this Looney Tunes themed runner, Looney Tunes Dash! We’ll help you through this zany adventure with our Looney Tunes Dash cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. More actions means more points!

You gain points passively as you dodge obstacles. Normally you’d probably just go around and take the safe route, but if you want to rack up those points, be sure to be as flashy as possible! This also includes sliding into barrels, by the way.

2. Grab as many coins as you can!

To buy upgrades and better abilities, you need all the coins you can get. Big coins are worth 25, so don’t miss those! If you see an ACME Vac power-up during your run, be sure to grab it as it’ll automatically suck in all nearby goodies and coins.

3. Be on the look-out for Looney cards!

In certain levels there will be a rare looney card floating about. If you grab it, it’ll add to your looney bin collection. There are different card collections, each with a total of 9 cards in them. If you manage to complete an entire collection, you’ll earn a star for your hard work!

4. Take the expert path for more rewards!

On certain levels there will be branching paths. Sometimes the extra paths are labeled with a ton of WARNING signs, this signifies an expert path! These paths are riddled with obstacles, more so than usual, but that means more points! There are also usually a lot of coins in them too, so take them when you see them if you’re up to the challenge!

5. Utilize your super ability!

After you beat level 6, you’ll unlock the first ability, Super Stomp. Abilities recharge overtime, but can be instantly used if you pick up a power up. Super Stomp sends out a shockwave in front of you that destroys all nearby obstacles, and even temporarily stuns that pesky Elmer Fudd. He’ll come reeling in front of you, ready to be smashed. Upon doing so you’ll gain a temporary boost to the coins you collect; all coins will be outlined red and are worth two instead of one! This also activates if you smack Elmer with a mallet.

That should be enough to let you help Bugs Bunny get back to his home. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


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Looney Tunes Dash! Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Level 38 is a great level. You must be a very good player to be on this level already.

    By this level you need to know how to use your “cowboy tweety” where you saddle up Sylvester and take him for a ride. When in that mode, you can smash through anything and can’t die. There are two hints for this level, I don’t want to give away everything yet.

    1. There is a switch early in the level, you have to pay attention to see the springboard it activates. That springboard leads to great payouts if you can survive.

    2. Use your cowboy tweety to go upstairs inside the house. There are plenty of crates up there.

    Good luck and enjoy the game.

    • I don’t see a way to get upstairs in this level. I can get up to 57/60 boxes, and can hit all of them but I don’t know how to get to the upstairs, where it seems the remaining boxes would be.

    • Hi! I’m playing on a Pixel 3a and when I try to play level 16, it says that it will not download and I am unable to play any levels besides the first 15. Do you have any suggestions? I love the game so much and really want to play all of the levels!! Thank you

    • Hi
      To “Smack Elmer” you need to first get a shot at him. You can do this two different ways,

      1. The easy way is on levels that have a big mallet (hammer). You just pick up the mallet, and you’ll automatically bonk Elmer in the head, “smacking” him.

      2. If you use Bugs Bunny’s special ability, (Super Stomp) Elmer will fly out in front of you and land in one of the running lanes, temporarily dazed. If you slide into him while he is in this state, you’ll also “Smack” him in that way.

      Best and hope you are enjoying the game. What level are you on?


        • You have to jump over the pile of explosives towards the beginning of the stage. Activate the spring and jump over them, you’ll then find the card on your way..

          • Finally, some answered a question I was looking for. However, how do you activate the spring. I’ve seen it, and have tried to jump from one ledge to the other, but tweety can’t reach it. I’ve also tried waiting for the cowboy tweety, but that doesn’t happen too fast. Any help on how to get the looney car on level 31 would be appreciated!

    • Hi Kristy

      Level 12 is tricky, you have to work hard just to survive, and then get enough crates.

      Here are some tips
      1. at the beginning, make sure to take the second raft truck, bounce up and get the gossamer potion, and then smash crates including tnt crates, hidden behind rockets, etc., as long as gossamer lasts. Hint: You might find it helpful to use coin to upgrade gossamer.

      2. At the main branch, make sure to go left, and then use the raft truck to bounce up on the big rock and trigger the switch, which in turn enables a springboard sequence you can use to go up, up up, and smash crates all along the way.

      Good luck, best and thanks for playing our game.

    • Hi Jackie,

      In level 10 you only need 25 carrots, so I’ll assume you can’t get 25?

      There are three tricks to this level,
      1. Make sure to trigger the switch and take the first springboard off the silver airstream trailer and pick up the vacuum in mid air
      2. Make sure to trigger the switch and take the springboard off the later silver airstream trailer and take the rocket ride, and pickup carrots on the rocket ride and the vacuum midway through rocket ride.
      3. Let daffy “do the work” for you at the end, he’ll pick up a fair number of carrots for you.


  2. How do I to level 46? I’ve completed level 45, but the roadblock won’t move. It says I have 22 of 25 mastery stars. Do I need to collect more for it to open?

  3. Where is the looney card for level 11 in episode 1 I can’t find it anywhere and I very checked both paths….Please help me and the others that asked ahead of a few other questions that came up after that…thanks for ur time

        • So funny, I was just coming on this site when I got the email. lol I couldn’t find a video for that one either, only the lower ones. I am not sure how I did it, I think it came down to pure dumb luck on my end. lol I think I was turboing and jumping like crazy lol. If you find the secret let me know! I know I will be replaying it for mastery stars, and I will let you know as well. haha

    • Hi

      Congrats on getting this far. One of the main tricks to level 39 is getting up onto the hedges at the first opportunity (about 1/2 way through the level), allowing you to access the left side of a long center hedge. Once you do that, you need to pay attention and you’ll easily break 30 wagons (assuming you’re getting the obvious ones).

      A general tip: You don’t have to be in the same lane as the wagon you are going to land on when you jump, only when you land on it. So you have time to change lanes mid-air, and sometimes that is easier then stressing about being in the right lane before jumping.

      Good luck!

    • Hi

      You are pretty far along in the game, congrats!

      I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you you need to use your special ability in this level to easily succeed. Pay attention to what is around you and make sure you explore all the paths, and you’ll see the opportunities.

      Also, don’t be afraid to try jumping between lanes, paths, high and low, and the river logs. You can really move around if you try.

      Good luck

      • i have been playing this same level for days now lol. I’ve tried smashing the explosives next to the logs but can never get to it… but now I understand.. need the special ability for that!!! right? hahaha. thank you!!!

        Good luck!!!!

        • At the first part, go to the very left log of wood and proceed, then Use the super stomp to get all the crates on the right.

          Keep going then move to the right and get on the water, then use the super stomp again to get all the crates on the very right hand side that can’t be reached on foot. :)

  4. Is anyone else having an issue with the cards they earned not showing up anymore? I have found them all now, but now it shows I don’t have any. Very frustrated

  5. Any tips for grabbing the Looney bin card on level 30? I can see it and have tried every spring board plus swing down to land early over and over and just can’t grab it. Sooooo frustrating lol please help! :-)

  6. How do you pass level 35! You have to smash 55 crates but idk if there is like a secret path because there isn’t enough crates to smash…. Please help

  7. Where is the card on level 28? Ive been through it several times and can’t find it. I have all of the cards through level 60 except this one.

    • I think you have to use your fire boost. Can I send you a friend request on Facebook. I cant play anymore until I have 3 people unlock me and none of my friends play this game.

  8. Can someone help me get the looney card on level 30? Ive tried every springboard And swiping down to get it and it’s not working. Also, on level 56, I found the looney card, but I can never complete the objective when I go the route for the looney card. Im always 2-4 jumps short. Thanks in advance.

    • bhavin,

      Sometime you have to wait a fair time for more content to download. I’d suggest.

      1. Hard exit Looney
      2. Verify you are on wifi/good internet connection
      3. Open looney
      4. Let it stay in the foreground for a few minutes, be patient.
      5. Meditate for peace and happiness.
      If that doesn’t help, see post elsewhere in this thread on contacting support.

  9. I completed level 45 but can’t advance since I don’t have enough mastery stars and none of my Facebook friends play this game. If anyone wants to be my friend please let me know so I can keep playing this game. Thanks.

    • Somewhere in the middle of the level 38 you need to pass through a corridor where the way is blocked with a bench and granny is cleaning on the right side of it. try your special ability and keep right (so go through granny instead of the bench way). there is some stairs there which is hard to see but you will find enough crates up there to finish the level.

  10. Hi all! Is anyone willing to help me with level 72? Please…
    And yes someone mentioned YouTube vids for the levels BUT unfortunately they stio and there are no more somewhere around level 60.
    It would be really great (for those of you that mastered the game thus far) to make some vids where others left off. I know I would appreciate it tremendously.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Where the road splits and the right side is a bunch of tnt, when theymeet back up there is a “logging” truck on the right side…jumpon it and stay to the right unless you have to move over andyou will eventually get it

    • the looney card for level 11 is behind some crates when you go to the right of one of the trailers that is on the right side of the level I believe. Can anyone tell me where the card for level 18 is?

  11. the looney card for level 11 is behind some crates when you go to the right of one of the trailers that is on the right side of the level I believe. Can anyone tell me where the card for level 18 is?

  12. Thank you, Ele! I found the card in level 11 just where you said it would be. I still can’t find the one I level 8… And I just unlocked level 15, so I can’t help you with your high level question. Thanks again for helping so many of us newbies with your answer. And good luck!!

  13. Level 18 – About 1/3 thru the game, always keep left and pay close attention and you can spot a left path up the hill opening up. The card is up there. If you’re counting jigsaw puzzles its after the 11th piece. Keep left and if you blink you’ll miss the left path up the hill.

  14. I am having problems getting to the top “floor” in the caves/tunnels/whatever you want to call them in level 56….trying to get the card….any suggestions??? thanks

  15. So I’ve made it through the game and am now going back through to get 3 Stars on every level. Level 25 is giving me fits. I’ve played it at least 30 times and cannot get 3 stars! Help!

  16. I’m on level 38 and I know I need cowboy tweety to win the level, but I don’t even have a 07 were up option. Did I miss something in the earlier levels of this episode?

  17. Can someone help me to understand how to get past level 56 with the collectors card every time I go the path to get the card I can never complete the mission because I’m always like 3 or 4 jumps off

    • The card is in level 98… U have to go up stairs and use the cowboy Tweety to smash the dynamite to get to the switch board to make u jump. Hopefully u get what I mean

  18. Its impossible to get 3 stars on level 41.
    The looney card on level 97 doesn’t always appear.
    The looney card on either lever 98 or 99 never appears.

    • I found it after I went between the 2 cars, went into house, jumped on table on left hand side, ran over arrow to activate the springboard and after i hit the springboard, it was right there…you have to use the rocket prior to that though in order for it to show up.

      • that’s a sneaky one that is ;-) the rocket is up above yosemite sam near the beginning. you need to get the pringboard under the pile of leaves first. Then in the scond house the card will be available.

  19. I’ve got every looney card apart from the one on level 98/99, it seems this is the same for many people! I’ll probably give up playing for a while until there are more levels now as it gets a bit boring and repetitive playing the same levels once they’re complete. I would agree, I think there might be a bug on these levels.

  20. I think there’s a lot of glitches that they’re hopefully going to fix. The card that’s missing for me is on level 96. I finally gave up and watched a tutorial of the level only to find that I wasn’t just missing the card, the card just wasn’t there when I played. That’s probably what happened with you guys on level 98. 98 has the card. I’m not sure where it’s at anymore though since it’s not coming up in the level since I’ve earned it.

  21. The above message says level 98 has card, I’ve tried all possible routes (I’m sure I have!) but can’t find it! I even deleted app and reinstalled but still can’t find it!

  22. Guys the loony card is on level 93. When you first start the level and go into the house, take the right path that takes you upstairs. From there you will go onto some power lines and when you get to the end of the power lines there is a spring board in the middle. Take that spring board and it will launch you into the air where there is a card. :)

  23. Okay so everyone seems to be asking about how to get 3 stars on level 41 but i have the same question about level 39 because i did everything and i can’t get more than one star :/ does anyone knows how to pass the level with all 3 stars i’ll be really greatful if someone knows a way

    • So I got three stars on level 39 by making sure that once I got into the house I went to the left instead of going upstairs so I could get the coin sucker thing haha and the once I have that I activate my cowboy and go trough the rest of the inside and hitting everything I can. Then I grab the cowboy hat in between the two benches when you get outside and activate it to hit the cart and again hit everything in my path. Once you get to the jumping carts with the hedge in the middle, I start on the left side and once in the air quickly swip twice to get to the right and land on the cart on the right and then land on the middle cart and then continue this alternating jumps until the carts are gone. Then if ylpu have access to the cowboy function again I use it right at the end to go through the flower pots instead of over them

    • Level 28, when you go over that big thing of the red boxes and you jump on the spring? Just after that the road will bend to the left, you need to use the power to push through the rock that drops on the left. I can no longer see it as I have all the cards in that world :( but I remember that it’s there because I just played it to help you out. Let me know how you go.

    • LEVEL 31 CARD!!!!!! It’s a little tricky, you need to get onto the first hedge with the springboard (just before the wall of tnt) he does reach when you jump from the hedge before…but you need to jump when you’re right oN The edge to make it across to the springboard! After you’ve gone over the wall of tnt the card then appears when the tracks reunite :) You’ve probably already done this by now…but future people will be able to see it :)

  24. if I’m not mistaken. to get 39 you have to go upstairs and take the springboard out the window. I’m not 100% sure about that though. i completed that level a while ago.

  25. Oh hey jonathan i’ve tried that a thousand times and it’s not working no matter what i do i complete the level with max score 36,000 and it says i need 51 for 3 stars i’ve played that level about 36372728 times and i couldn’t find a way to pass it with 3 stars :(

    • Maria, the only sure fire way to get 3 stars is to string together multiple bounces. Make sure when you go thru the house and activate the springboard, hit a couple bounces but immediately hook right upstairs. That springboard also activates one upstairs that will get 3 bounces then out the window for a 4th. Also as someone said above, on the hedges, start with a jump off the hedge straight onto one, swipe quick right twice for the next, then middle, left & so on

  26. Where is the card in 39?? I went every where possible
    And I can’t find it!!! I saw someone said the spring board up the stairs, there is no looney card! HELP!!!

  27. Episide 7 looney cards are on following levels – 92, 94, 96, 97, 100, 102, 104, 105. Theres also one on either level 98 or 99 but no-one seems to be able to find it!

    • I actually found the first card on 93 but when I tap the card in the Looney bin, it says I found it on level 92…crazy!! and still haven’t found the card on 98 or 99….very frustrating

  28. Its in 98…I found it and then every single one of my cards disappeared so I have to start over, and now that one isn’t showing up anymore grrrr I give up

    • If you go up into the tree house type thing, there are TNT boxes in the middle lane, you have to go through those and there is a spring board. But like I said, now that I went back to try to find all my cards again, it isn’t showing up

      • If you go up into the tree house type thing, there are TNT boxes in the middle lane, you have to go through those and there is a spring board. But like I said, now that I went back to try to find all my cards again, it isn’t showing up

  29. If you go up into the tree house type thing, there are TNT boxes in the middle lane, you have to go through those and there is a spring board. But like I said, now that I went back to try to find all my cards again, it isn’t showing up :(

  30. Does anyone know how to get 3 stars on level 22? I feel like I have tried everything and can’t seem to get it. I am going back and trying to get 3 stars on every level while I wait for new ones haha!

    • Me neither!!!! I went back in to get all my notes now it’s gone. I even beat it with the looney card and didn’t reconize I had it! They need to work on these 2 levels!

    • taken from a comment up above: Level 77 card: after jumping on the cylinders at the end use the turbo blast you receive to blast through the TNT boxes to the very right, the card is right behind those boxes

    • for level 79, stay on the far left path. when the level first breaks into three paths, go to the very far left. keep going this way. you will then see the path break into two again with the right side having the danger signs up, again stay on the left! shortly after this, on the right side of the screen after a boulder drops in the middle of the road will be a large boulder with a ladder that lets you climb on top of it. this is where the loony card will be. be careful though to make sure you try to get all of the required items because taking this path will likely leave you short. I had to try this one multiple times in order to get the card and have the minimum amount of blue things

    • Level 9: Card is Right After the you activate the spring Board. Use the super Stomp before the spring Board. Card is under the “Balance Trail”.

    • I noticed that too. tried out both levels multiple times today trying out different paths and didn’t find anything either. I know one of the other levels in the game requires you to use the rocket first in order for the card to appear but it didn’t work for 98 or 99 :/ they need to hurry and fix this! haha!

  31. guys how many points did you make on level 41 i only make 50,600 no matter what i do im 2,000 away from the 3rd star and honestly i don’t think its a bug i only had one star until yesterday and i thought its impossible to even get 2nd one but i did

  32. does anyone have any advice on what power-ups are the most important to fully upgrade first? I have all my power-ups and abilities leveled up to at least a level 3 (with the exception of the laser blaster which is at 2 and the super hero at 2 as well) and am not sure whats most important to upgrade next.

    • Hey in level 90 you need to pay attention on flaming balls when it first show you save it to break first red TNt and then when it appears again use it to break as much things as you can and also jump on all rolling stones and everything else what is near i hope you will beat it :)

      • Hey in level 90 you need to pay attention on flaming balls when it first show you save it to break first red TNt and then when it appears again use it to break as much things as you can and also jump on all rolling stones and everything else what is near i hope you will beat it

  33. Hi. I am missing cards 4 & 9 from episode 2. Can someone please tell me what levels to find them on as I don’t remember which ones from the above list I have found and which are the two I missed. Thank you

    • Hi Maria, Iv tried everything to get 3 stars on level 41. Iv hit pause and doubled the bounces n still get the same number of points Id get if playing without an added bonus, it’s the only level iv still to get the 3 stars on, everything else is complete (apart from the missing card on level 98/98). If you could do a video that would be great :)

    • All you have to tell us is where on earth you got that extra bounce! The rest of us get 30 bounces and personally this has gotten me up to 49700 points. Where’s that extra bounce at, cause that’s the secret right there! There has to be an extra bounce you hadn’t figured out at first…

  34. On level 98 there is a hydrant squirting near the beginning where there is a spring board that you can’t touch. Anyone know how to get to it? Maybe the looney card is there???

  35. Hi everybody! i have found all cards in episodes 1,2,3 but i still have 23/25 stars, so i can’t pass in episode 4 (level 46)…What i have to do??? Excuse my bad english :)

  36. Level 41 is stressing me out. Iv got all star in every level apart from this, Iv ran it over n over again, I play without any add one or power ups n i score 46500, Iv paused and bought the 2x jump bonus for 3 bucks n score 33500…. How is that even possible lol . I purposely ran the same route doing the exact same thing n i score 13000 less but had 14 more jumps. Its the only level Iv got too complete

  37. For level 41 It took a long time to get 3 stars and when I got it I only achieved it by 90 points. One tip is if you sweep down just as you jump onto one of the carts and springs (like jumping then ‘stomping’ onto it – you can get more points.
    Also at the beginning go left to activate the spring but before sliding under the gate obstacle – jump and push right twice to bounce on the cart. Its only 100 extra points but might make the difference.
    Good luck

    • Thanks, im trying what uv said n all I do is slide lol. Not much difference point wise either. Still struggling to break into the 40,000’s. N strangely i scored more going straight ahead and playing n achieving 25 carts than I did achieving 40 carts with a safety helmet and the double cart extra lol. I can see this level killing the app for ne if they don’t hurry up and release more levels lol. Thanks for replying tho, any suggestion n help is much appreciated :)

    • I see from the pictures that people who got 3 stars at this level had made 31 jumps. I only manage to make 30 jumps and gain 48750 Points. Could You writhe down the jumps in a row for understanding ( First:. two jumps Secondly: 5 jumps etc.

    • Hi Finn, are you making 30 or 31 bounces? I think you’re making 31 and that’s the secret to getting 3 stars. I have two stars and 30 bounces, 49700 points. If you could tell us where that extra bounce is, that would be awesome!

  38. How would I activate the fire boost on level 23? Because I have tried making it work and it just doesn’t do anything. Is it maybe just my phone?

  39. I need help! Can’t advance in the game. I need to either get 4 more stars or 4 facebook friends to help. Problem is I have now gotten 2 extra stars but they haven’t registered and the game won’t connect to facebook so I can send requests. Bigger problem is I can’t even connect to Zynga’s support page to log a help request. Can anyone help me?!?

  40. New update for Apple devices, still no card on level 98 which is where I have been told it is supposed to be. Ive been told it is when you go upstairs in the house, after going outside and on the power lines you break the tnt in the treehouse and go up to the roof where the card should be. Disappointed.

  41. Is there a looney card in levels 91, 92, or 93? I know there is supposed to be one in 98 or 99 but I need the first one from one of those three levels.

    • I found the cards in 92,94,96,97,100,102,104,105. I heard some people found it in 93 not 92. I can’t find the last one. Its in either 98 or 99.

  42. i can’t unlock episode 7. it gives me the choice to earn mastery stars or pay $10. i have 30/33 stars and have even replayed 6 more levels earning 3 stars each and still nothing. anyone else have thus issue?

  43. On level 79 there must be glitches because I keep hitting invisible walls like going up a ladder or just on a path with clearly no obstacles. I have beaten all the levels was just going back to collect all the cards and 79 keeps giving me issues with glitches. So frustrating!!

    • The only thing I can think is you need to get extra jumps on the bonus spin before you start the game bc If I get the card I can only get 19 jumps. All help appreciated!

  44. Don’t find any card à level 95 or 96. Just saw à video Who shows where is the card at level 96 but when i do the level there is no card and thé goal is différent.

  45. Getting extremely frustrated with the game. There have been updates but still can’t find card in 98 or 99…plus levels 106+ have not been available yet…about ready to get rid of the game

  46. Okay, I have collected all the looney cards in every single level – I’m at the end of episode 3 and it will not let me continue. Can someone help me out please? I have one ticket I need 2 more? Would anyone be willing to become friends of Facebook and I could request a ticket and u can send me them or someone explain to me what I have to do to continue on. I have 23/25 stars and idk what else to do it’s driving me insane!!!! Help!!! ☺️

  47. How do you get the looney card on episode 23? Also, I’m only able to get 1 star every time even though I’ve passed the level, am I missing a hidden path? thanks!

  48. Hi! How is it possible to get 3 stars for level 26? No matter what I do, I get only around 39000 points instead of 45000… This is the only level with 2 stars I have left (and 41, of course, also only 2 stars).

  49. need 3 stars help for levels 52,41 and25 ..going nuts over them. tried playing almost a hundred times ..video will be a great help.. thanks all

  50. i have a few questions, if anyone could help me i’ll be grateful and i can answer back at any questions.
    at levels 39 and 41 i have only a star, how can i get 3?
    also, at levels 25 26 52 80 81 103 and 104 i want to get 3 stars, i have only 2.
    in episode 2 i can’t find the card at level 28. where is hiding?
    in episode 4 the card is at level 55 or 56? i can’t find it
    in episode 7 i need 2 cards. level 97, 98 and 99? where?

    thanks a lot

  51. I uninstalled the entire game Bc of the whole looney card in level 98. I did the update and it didn’t work so I uninstalled it. Which it’s still not there. Suggestions anyone????

    • Hey Ally….in the 2nd house you go into (the one that speedy Gonzales is in) go upstairs…over you go out the window and you’re on the power lines you’ll see the tnt in the middle of the platform….use your cowboy tweety and blast through it…you’ll hit a couple springboards and you’ll get it….I uninstalled the game n reinstalled it too…was surprised when I actually got the card….lol…good luck

  52. I’ve noticed some of the bugs in episode 7 like the card for level 92 I actually found it on level 93 but even in the looney bin it says found on 92 and the card everyone is having trouble with is on 98 like the said go in the house go up the stairs to the right use cowboy to run through the tnt hit the spring board and you’ll get the card. The card isn’t always there I found it didn’t make the goal so I tried again and it was gone finally it came back and I got it and the goal.

  53. Im still struggling with level 41 n cannot get past 29 bounces so if anyone can tel me where they are getting the other 2 bounces from to achieve the 3 stars that would be great.
    Yanni you’ve said u can get 30, where are u getting that extra bounce, maybe i could figure out the last one from ur extra bounce.

    • If I had to guess, right after the part where you get the green present, there are two rows of planters. At the end of the right one there’s a cart and after bouncing you immediately swipe left twice so you can jump over the stand using the spring. Do you have that one?

      • Hi Yanni, Yip got that one. As I start i go from the first cart 2 carts, swipe right 2 carts swipe left 2 carts onto hedge activate springboard 1cart, activate springboard swipe right 6 carts, activate springboard 3 carts with present , over bin 1 cart and the. Its over the the stall and im confident im getting all the carts from then on in, I think it’s sonewhere at the beginning im missing these extea 2 bounces ,

        • I think your missing cart is after the first two carts. You can string all the jumps after those together. So after the very first two, make the other two in line, then swipe left twice in mid air and make the rest without going on the hedges. When you reach the benches, once you bounce on the cart, swipe hard right twice to go on the hedges on the right…

        • So the sequence of string bounces is : 2-5-1-6-3-1-1-5-6 that’s 30 bounces… But I’ve only gotten 49700 points like that, no idea where that extra bounce is.

  54. So frustrating. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times but the card in level 98 was never there so I lost interest and deleted the game. Im much happier now.

    • Yip got that one. As I start i go from the first cart 2 carts, swipe right 2 carts swipe left 2 carts onto hedge activate springboard 1cart, activate springboard swipe right 6 carts, activate springboard 3 carts with present , over bin 1 cart and the. Its over the the stall and im confident im getting all the carts from then on in, I think it’s sonewhere at the beginning im missing these extea 2 bounces ,

  55. Can anyone tell me how to get the card on level 90. I can see it but don’t know how to get it. Turbo blast is fully upgraded and doesn’t kick in soon enough to blast through the cacti

  56. Is anybody else waiting for episode 8? There is no update and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game a couple times…and still no episode 8…been waiting for like a month

  57. I’ve jus beat level 101 looney tunes and it’s not showing 102 or more. Any comments on why. Jus showing the circle to touch but no number 102 on it and won’t do anything

  58. Hi all..need help for 3 stars for the level 25,41 and 52..already asked the forum for help no response yet…fellow gamerz help needed to complete this game.thanks people

  59. They finally updated the game and the looney card is fixed on level 98! It is on the roof after you bust through the tnt. Now just waiting on the next episode to open

  60. Finally got an update for the glitch to find the card on 98 and got it! You have to use the cat feature to smash through the TNT and stay in the middle.

  61. I found a UNBELIEVEIBLE trick in level 25.
    Before the tunnel (before the last three jump), there’s a trunk,
    at that moment, you need either left track / right track, and try swipe right / left (left track / swipe right, or right track / swipe left),
    you will now in danger, but not really,
    And now move to the center track, use the special power,
    the score will over 50000, I tried 5 times, and it just works.

    • OMG LOVE YOUR HELP SO SO SO MUCH !!! N thank you for caring! Hope there’s some way I can find you again for help I hav M.S. And I find this fun to keep me busy my arms at my side cause they tire easy but my fingers can be fast lol yhanks again

    • OMG LOVE YOUR HELP SO SO SO MUCH !!! N thank you for caring! Hope there’s some way I can find you again for help I hav M.S. And I find this fun to keep me busy my arms at my side cause they tire easy but my fingers can be fast lol thanks again

  62. To get 3 stars on level 25, when dealing with Yosemite firing barrels at you, try letting the last barrel hit you (rather then sliding through it) before you use your special ability to remove Yosemite and the vehicle. This will allow coyote to get right behind you and this then gives you a massive points boost when you use the ability and hit Yosemite. You should easily manage 3 stars that way

  63. Looney cards

    Episode 1: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15

    Episode 2: 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30

    Episode 3: 31, 34, 35, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, 45

    Episode 4: 46, 49, 50, 53, 54, 56, 57, 59, 60

    Episode 5: 61,63, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 75

    Episode 6: 77, 79, 81, 82, 83, 85, 87, 89, 90

    Episode 7: 92, 94, 96, 97, ?, 100, 102, 104, 105

    Episode 8: 106, 108, 110, 111, 113, 115, 116, 118, 120

  64. I know there is a looney card on top of a semi in the center lane about half way through level 25 but I can’t get to it. Can someone please tell me how?

  65. Hi, please can someone help me…I have all cards and 3 stars on each level upto level 120…except for level 41-I just can’t get 3 stars!!!! Can someone help me with this or post a video as this is driving me insane!!!!

  66. In case you guys don’t know yet, the fifth looney card on episode seven is on level 98. Always choose the hardest paths and you’ll find TNT. Save your Cowboy Tweety so you can bust through the TNT, activate the springboard, and bounce up to it. I just did it and my app has been recently updated.

  67. Help!
    I can never seem to get enough oil cans on level 22…. Is there a secret???? I can’t always get on the upper level on the ledge either

  68. Pleaseeeeeee, Help!!! I have colected all looney cards 1-6 episode and it’s says that i have 28/32!!! Pkease, i can’t continue playing!!!

    • That means you need 32 stars to progress from episode 6. Replay any of the episode 6 levels where you don’t already have 3 stars and see if you can get 4 more.

    • Alison,

      I can’t get past three stars on level 52 either. In total there are 9 out of 120 levels where I can’t get three stars and even a few where I can’t get past one star. Are you having the similar issues?

  69. The one looney card that no one can find is on level 98. When you are in the third house go up the stairs and leave through the window. You should be on telephone wires. When you get to the barn right after you went through the window use your power up (cowboy hat) to knock through the dynamite containers. Then you will go up a ladder to a springboard. It will spring you to the roof and the looney card is up there. It worked for me, hope it helps.

  70. Ive passed level 89 and I have 30/33 stars to progress. Ive since completed 2 episode card collections and replayed levels to get 3 stars but I still only have 30/33 stars, does anyone know why?

  71. Does anyone receive their 5 bucks after getting all 9 looney cards in an episode? So far ive finished 3 (since they introduced the star + money bonus). But i have zero bucks.

  72. Episode 1) 3,4,5,6,8,9,11,13,15
    2) 17,18,20,22,23,25,27,28,30
    3) 31,34,35,38,39,41,42,44,45
    4) 46,49,50,53,54,56,57,59,60
    5) 61,63,64,66,68,70,72,74,75
    6) 77,79,81,82,83,85,87,89,90
    7) 93,94,96,97,98,100,102,104,105
    this cards location

  73. Already beat all the new levels with 3 stars in every level (121-135) also found all but one card which should be in either 128 or 129, I’ve played them all several times and can’t figure it out.

    Other card locations: 122,123, 125, 127, ?, 130, 132, 133, 135

  74. Oh no I’m a looser lol now after fling through the right side of 132 and then stop flying Everthing goes so fast don know how to get up to that card up high on the right? Can anyone explain??

  75. The cards in 128 stay to your right three times bouncy over a lot of ghost over the last barn roof it’s there but it’s really hard to get many tries!!!!!

    • Only thing I can think of is press your home button and power button to reset your device don’t worry it won’t delete anything then try to see if it crashes again mine did it once so made hard to get it right a Secound time playing. Or if you saved it on another device and there sincked then delete the app your using on your device and then go into your purchases and download it again and because it’s on your other device it will sinck to each other again. That one was the one that worked for me cause I have that app on both. It’s up to you hope that helped.

  76. Wth! Stuck on 55 for a week gets boring. How do I get all the jumps? I do not expect games to be super easy but it just can’t go on and on if you’re stuck in one spot.. there needs to be a more comprehensive help guide.

  77. Hi everyone, I’ve completed all levels, have all looney cards and have 3 stars on every level except for level 26. Can anyone give any hints/tips on getting 3 stars for level 26 please? Thank you!

  78. Hi. I am having trouble with the card on lev134. I have gained it twice now with the right amount of points but still it doesn’t show up in my looney bin. Does anyone know how to fix this bug? Help would be much appreciated!

  79. Finally found the card of level 98 after May be hundreds of trials , it was the only card Iam missing .
    HINT : first you have to keep right in every move , a bit before the end when you reach the third floor , there is a TNT BETWEEN EACH 2 ballons , you have first to activate the power up then go through TNT AND CLICK THE JUMB ACTIVATOR YOU WILL FIND YOUR SELF JUMPING THROUGH A PATH TO 4 th floor keep jumping 2 or 3 times more you will go inside a tree , how I don’t know the card is there .

  80. I’m struggling on getting 3-stars for levels 24-26 & 41. Ive tried to follow the “YouTube cheats” but that hasn’t helped. Anyone have any other ideas?

    • Level 26, as you land on the green trucks, swipe down, on some of the trucks it then gives you more points. Ive just done this and finally got 3 stars! You obviously have to be careful to tune the swipe downs right though or you’ll crash!

    • On one of the youtube videos I read comments which will probably help in a lot of these levels. Roadrunner has to trip and have Wile chasing him then activate the special which will give you about 30000 points. Hope this helps

  81. I have follow YouTube try to get 3 stars in level 24 ~~ but I can’t do it . after I trip then I activate the power but I din get the points~~ anyone have any ideas?

  82. I’m trying to get the mastery stars and I cant seem to find the Looney card on level 28.. Can some one plz tell me where it is located at???

    • To activate springboard on 98, you need to go down the path to the right then taz activates it, the path is where there are 3 running music notes, don’t get these just go down path on right

  83. Is the looney card on level 133 or 134… And where is it?! Ive gone through both levels countless times looking for alternative routes and didn’t see any… Isbthere a spring board I’m missing or something?

  84. I can not find the looney card for level 115. Inknow exactly where it’s suppposed to be and it is not there and my bin says I do not have it yet. Anyone else have this problem??

  85. episode 11 looney cards levels: 151, 154, 155, 157, 159, 161, and the card for 163 i found in level 164 and the other card is in 165 which means one’s missing when i played 163 for a 1st time i saw the card but i couldnt find a way to take it and when i came back the card wasnt there so idk i guess its a bug

  86. Saw it in a utube Vedio it is in level 164 it’s hi on the. Rocks keeping to the left right between the high pile of dinomite and then the high pile of blue ricks keep jumping up on the long high rocks it’s there but in my game it must be a bug cause it’s never there????? No wonder I can’t get it???? Does anyone else have that problem???

  87. I’ve went back over and over teyong to remember? Now the card I got it so it’s not there now of course can’t remember. It is in 151 try going over the stairs and transport and swip quick to the right through the cans follow the high cliffs if not then before the transport you see coming up swipe fast up the right hill up a path of another bunch of high cliffs might be there sorry I wish I could remember next time a episode comes I’m righting them down lol were they were. ! Let me know if you have the same problem as I did in 164 ok?

    • Found 151. Need 159 & 164. But 164 is missing. I honestly think I already got it as I remember getting it but it doesn’t show in my deck. I’ve seen where the same one is glitchy on Androids.

    • Glad you found it but I have two devices and ones a iPhone and a iPad and on both show no card were it should be in 164. I saw a Vedio were it is and it’s not there has to be a glitch? Wait for another down load I guess to fix glitches.

    • When you get to the last set of jumps, just after you find road runners turbo blast jump up and as you do, hit the turbo blast ability. Let me know if this helps. Good luck

    • When you get past the wall of rocks (you jump on a springboard to get over the wall) you should get a gosamer potion, when you do, its behind the boulder. YouTube video might explain better than I have. Search “Looney tunes dash level 28 Looney card”. Good luck

  88. Sorry, christal that was supposed to be an answer to Janie, I hit the wrong reply button. Anyway, on 159 its above the rocks towards the very end. There will be a switch you’ll have to hit to activate the springboard. Jump on the springboard and jump on the rocks, it’ll be on the very last rock. If you go to YouTube and search “Looney tunes dash level 159 Looney card” it’ll explain it better than I have. Good luck

  89. Level 163 I have done this perfect more than ,20 times now and still they don’t give me the card and I know I’ve gone through it because I see it every time. There must be s problem on iOS

  90. In episode 11 on level 163 I have tried and tried for weeks to get the card but can’t seem to do it. I’ve played the level perfect so many times and can never seem to get high enough to use the turbo blaster to reach the higher boards to get the card. Ive upgraded the turbo blaster several times thinking that might help but it never does. Is there any special trick that I’m not aware of to get this card?

  91. I’ve completed level 163 at least 100 times. I’ve watched the video. Have the full turbo boost. I can see the card but can’t get it. Either there’s a glitch or it’s just plain luck. It’s the only card I have left to get! HELP!!!!!

  92. In level 168 in episode 12 there’s a card after you jump on the first buggy to the top of a hedge then another then it’s the third hedge at the end in the air is the card then hurry use your special ability to go right smashing a huge amount of dinomite crates and other crates. I keep dying lol but know we’re it is lol

  93. Ok now in 169 in episode 12 is the Secound card. go up the stairs in the house go through the top save your special ability for crashing through the dinomite to other side stay left at the end going up the left last stairs exiting into the sky to the street its in the air as you exit by going up the left stairs at the end.

  94. In episode 12 level 171 to get the card also you have to use your special power between a set of stairs between two hedges on the street to activate a arrow to lift you to the high wire on the hedge to the card and you also get the flying ability to cool!

  95. Episode 1
    3 4 5 6 8 9 11 13 15
    Episode 2
    17 18 20 22 23 25 27 28 30
    Episode 3
    31 34 35 38 39 41 42 44 45
    Episode 4
    46 49 50 53 54 56 57 59 60
    Episode 5
    61 63 64 66 68 70 72 74 75
    Episode 6
    77 79 81 82 83 85 87 89 90
    Episode 7
    92 94 96 97 98 100 102 104 105
    Episode 8
    106 108 110 111 113 115 116 118 120
    Episode 9
    122 123 125 127 128 130 132 133 135
    Episode 10
    136 138 140 141 143 145 146 148 150
    Episode 11
    151 154 155 157 159 161 163 164 165
    Episode 12
    168 169 171 172 173 175 177 179 180

    • Shannonon if I remember right keep going to the right then over the pool then through the house staying to the right in the house using your special power to blow up the dinomite to trigger a spring board just out side in front of a ladder in that puts you on a hedge and wire keep to your left up there ready to jump on a bump car to get up higher fast move a little to right to trigger that device that’s makes things clear jump to it then lol fast to your left on a buggy on the ground that bumps you through a path on the left. Keep jumping to get high again on a ledge again was so fast for me is hard getting the next trigger so that I could bounce again the card is up there on the wire path. Just remember after the house and hedge and wire take left path its up on the hedges and wires on the left ok

  96. Is it even possible to get 3 stars on level 180?? I keep trying but the closest I’ve come is 47,880 points….looks like all 3 stars are filled in at the top of my screen but it only adds up to 2 stars…..frustrating but I keep trying….lol

  97. Episode 1: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15
    Episode 2: 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30
    Episode 3: 31, 34, 35, 38, 39, 41, 42, 44, 45
    Episode 4: 46, 49, 50, 53, 54, 56, 57, 59, 60
    Episode 5: 61, 63, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 75
    Episode 6: 77, 79, 81, 82, 83, 85, 87, 89, 90
    Episode 7: 93, 94, 96, 97, 98, 100, 102, 104, 105
    Episode 8: 106, 108, 110, 111, 113, 115, 116, 118, 120
    Episode 9: 122, 123, 125, 127, 128, 130, 132, 133, 135
    Episode 10: 136, 138, 140, 141, 143, 145, 146, 148, 150
    Episode 11: 151, 154, 155, 157, 159, 161, 163, 164, 165
    Episode 12: 168, 169, 171, 172, 173, 175, 177, 179, 180
    Episode 13: 181, 183, 185, 186, 188, 190, 192, 194, 195
    Episode 14: 195, 197, 200, 202, 204, 205, 207, 209, 210

  98. Once you pass Elmer in the tunnel, stay left then quick swipe right to activate springboard and go up. Smash the boxes in the middle and you’ll see it.

  99. I’ve found 4 Looney cards so far on episode 18. Levels 256, 258, 260, and 264. There’s a card somewhere between levels 260 and 264 but I haven’t found it yet

  100. Found one in 267 staying to your left in front facing you in front of a tree. But there’s one between 264-267????? Still can’t see the one on 262?

  101. The missing card is in level 265. The card is in the same position as it is in level 262 – in the house, you have to jump off the right table, the card is in the air, after you jump, doors open and there it is. :-)

  102. The missing card is in level 265. You can find it in the same place as it is in level 262 – in the house, when you jump off the right table. When you jump off, the door will open and there it is…in the air.

  103. In 269 is the Secound to last card. When you see a hedge on your right with dinomite in front of it use your special power to bust through it and through the next Dino might in that right path car is behind it.

  104. The last one in 270. Keep to left paths you’ll see it in a far left alley were there’s bouncing cars and Dino might near the end of that far left alley.

  105. Could someone tell me is there any way to pass 269 level with all 3 stars bc i swear i’ve tried anything i could’ve think of and i couldn’t… Thanks

  106. I’ve found 3 cards for episode 21. Levels 301, 302, and 306 but I can’t seem to find the other card between levels 302 and 306…….Has anybody else gotten to episode 21?

  107. Levels 301, 302, 304 (go through the tunnel and stay to the right, smash through the rock and it should be there), and 306 are the cards I have found so far. Sorry I don’t remember where in the levels of 301, 302, and 306 I found the cards but I hope this somewhat helps

  108. Episode 25 cards: 361,363,365,367,369,370,372 there’s a card in 373 or 374 but i could’t find it i dunno it might be bug of the game because i look everywhere and i can’t find it .. anyway the last card is in 375


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