Locations for Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip in Fortnite

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Another week of Fortnite Resistance Quests is here, and it is time to party! What a party needs is music, food, and people, so it is up to you to deliver invitations to a select few NPCs. Three invitations must be given to different characters in the Fortnite World and they just happen to be 3 food-related guys. Find out below who is invited and where to find them!

Where to Find Mancake, Bao Bros, and Lil’ Whip

After establishing the first device uplink near Rocky Reels or The Sanctuary, players start delivering party invitations. The three foodie NPCs you have to send invites to are:

  • Lil’ Whip
  • Bao Bros
  • Mancake
Locations of each NPC (via Epic Games)

This quest is easily achieved in one match if you have a vehicle, but it is not strictly necessary to do so. If you get killed by an opponent or get stuck in the storm, you can always deliver the rest in the next match. The best place to begin is at Condo Canyon, speak to Bao Bros, then move onto Mancake before speeding up to Coney Crossroads and finding Lil’ Whip.

To deliver the invites, all you have to do is talk to each NPC. There is no need to purchase anything from them, but you do need to interact with them to give them the invite. Lil’ Whip is in his usual location at the ice cream parlour in Coney Crossroads:

Find Lil’ Whip at Coney Crossroads (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Bao Bros is hanging out at his restaurant at Condo Canyon:

Find Bao Bros at his restaurant at Coney Crossroads (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Finally, Mancake is at the Butterbarn, located south west of Rocky Reels:

Mancake is waiting for you at Butterbarn (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The quest is complete once you meet and speak to each one! Good luck.

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Locations for Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip in Fortnite


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