Location and How to Use Orb of the Blue Depths in Genshin Impact

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There are nine Orbs of the Blue Depths that have arrived in Genshin Impact 2.6, and getting them all is not the easiest task. Luckily for you, we have written this guide detailing just how to obtain all nine of them, as well as how to use them!

How to Get and Use All Nine Orbs of the Blue Depths in Genshin Impact

You drop the Orbs when defeating Shadowy Husks. These are elite enemies that you will have to find in nine locations in Chasm’s Underground Mines area. Below are the locations of each Orb:

  1. First Orb: down the crevice right near the teleporter of The Serpent’s Cave.
  2. Second Orb: behind the closed door at the entrance of the Chasm, Underground Mines. You will need the Miner’s Key to open the room.
  3. Third Orb: teleport to the Main Mining Area, then go in the tunnel at the west and keep following the cliff. DO NOT jump down until reaching an open space area in the Underground Waterway, with two Black Serpent Knights.
  4. Fourth Orb: north of the Nameless Ruins, near the building where you found one of the two bells you had to ring.
  5. Fifth Orb: at the Nameless Ruins, not inside the inverted city, but at ground level, just a couple of seconds away from the nearest teleporter.
  6. Sixth Orb: at the south of the Nameless Ruins, near the location where you found the second bell. It’s before the broken bridge near the cliff, behind a breakable wall. You will fight 3 Black Serpent Knights.
  7. Seventh Orb: right after the second camp of the exploration team, at the bottom of the crevice that leads into The Glowing Narrows.
  8. Eighth Orb: behind a breakable wall in the Glowing Narrows, right near the teleporter.
  9. Ninth Orb: at the end of the tunnel linking The Glowing Narrows to the final area with the giant blue nail.

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To use the Orbs, make your way back to the Nameless ruins’ inverted city. Head to the inverted water fountain, then exit that room from the south entrance and keep heading straight until you find a device that lets you insert the Orbs of the Blue Depths in it, opening a secret treasure room.

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Location and How to Use Orb of the Blue Depths in Genshin Impact


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