Ever wanted a relaxing mobile game where you can just check in and live a normal life? Play with your pets, talk with your partner, cook some food, and just live? Adorable Home is the perfect game for you!

HyperBeard Games are no strangers to comfy and cute mobile games, with their trademark Klepto series being the standout example. With Adorable Home, they are bringing that same feel-good happiness to a more grounded, realistic setting.

In Adorable Home, players will choose their own human character and their partner. You have just moved into a new house that looks straight out of 2015’s cat sensation Neko Atsume, and your job is to clean up and start furnishing it with decor of your choice. You will also be able to bring some fuzzy kitties into the house, because it would not be a HyperBeard game without cats!

Your partner will eventually have to leave for work, and since you stay at home, you will need to prepare dinner and complete chores around the house. Do not forget to feed your kitties as well!

Every action you complete generates love, and you can use love to purchase new animal friends, new locations around the house, and new furniture for you to decorate the house with.

It’s your life, so why not make it adorable? Adorable Home is planned to launch on January 9, 2020, just in time to ring in the new year on iOS and Android.

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