Little Big Adventure

Retro porters DotEmu have surprised nostalgic gamers all over the world by releasing Little Big Adventure on the App Store this morning.

Back in November, DotEmu has been pretty clear about the fact that the game wouldn’t be released in 2013 due to unknown reasons. The game was scheduled for a generic first quarter of 2014 release so the release wasn’t completely unexpected. The game’s mobile port was announced back in 2012 but failed to materialize due to unspecified circumstances.


Little Big Adventure is a unique isometric advenuture game featuring a really over the top plot, involving a revolutionary movements made of foxes. Main character Twinsen has been locked in a mental asylum for having prophetoc dreams about the destruction of his planet. Breaking out of the asylum will only the first step of this adventure of truly epic proportions.

The iOS port of the game features some new features unavailable in the original PC and PS1 versions like a zoom functionality, automatic save and simplified controls. Despite the small changes, the iOS release of the game promises to be a really faithful port.

Little Big Adventure is now available for purchase on the App Store. Make sure to take a look at the game if you like quirky titles with a fair share of humour mixed in.




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