One of the best things to happen with the blooming of the mobile gaming world is that many developers have released new versions of classic games so that they could be enjoyed by a new generation of gamers, gamers who were too young to experience these classic games when they had been originally released.

Among the many older gamers announced for an iOS comeback was Little Big Adventure. The iOS port of the old adventure game is currently being worked on by DotEmu. The team announced over a year ago that they would release the game soon on iOS but it has yet to materialize.


Some news on the game have emerged today. According to the team Little Big Adventure will not be released this year. The game’s currently scheduled for a generic first quarter of 2014 release date.

Depite being disappointed at the news, it’s still good to know that the project hasn’t been canned, as not much has been said about the game after the original announcement back in 2012.

Little Big Adventure is a unique isometric adventure that features an over the top plot, where your main character will have to take down a tyrannical ruler by using a special magic ball, which marks him as the chosen one. Along the way you will also join a resistance movement made of foxes and experience other weird situations.

This hardly makes any sense, I know, but the game is really a charming experience that no true gamer should pass on. Let’s hope that Little Bud Adventure gets released on iOS as soon as possible so that more can experience the wackyness of this incredible gaming gem.



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