List of Best Texture IDs for Roblox Characters (2022)

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Any player can become a Roblox game developer because to create something new in the game, you just need to have the necessary skills and a little imagination. Thanks to this, over the years of the game’s existence, thousands of games, characters, and stories have been created for every liking. An incredible array of textures has also been created to customize your character. They can give your character a very unique look. And in this article, we will provide you with a list of IDs of the best textures for your characters in the game.

List of Best Texture IDs for Roblox Characters (2022)

In the beginning, it is worth noting the fact that in the Roblox game you can customize almost anything. It can be weapons and your buildings and any other items that you can own. But almost all of the above is individual for each game created in Roblox. There are already several thousand of them and it is simply impossible to compile a general list of all the best texture IDs due to their number and variety.

But things are much better with character textures since in most games you will be able to use your main skin with all the textures. There are more than 700 thousand customization textures for your character in the game, and to get most of them you will have to spend the in-game currency – Robux. But there are also incredibly many free textures and their number is constantly updated.
We have compiled a list of the best and most popular texture IDs for Roblox characters for you:

  • Anime girl – 5176749484
  • Pony Fluttershy – 160117256
  • Angel wings – 1163229330
  • Touching face – 128614017
  • Baby Pikachu – 732601106
  • Cat ears – 112902315
  • Rainbow colored cat tail – 469008772
  • Cat Pog – 6006991075
  • Radioactive band – 91049678
  • Freckles on the face – 12656209
  • Red tango – 16889797
  • Rainbow braces – 124640306
  • Indian hair – 111235934
  • Military – 30994231
  • Very cool set – 1108982534
  • Knight – 139437522
  • General – 181264555
  • Cyborg face – 95022108
  • The kitten which is not – 2483186
  • Bear Kitty – 2483199
  • Demonic Shadow – 2150264
  • Eyes-scrambled eggs – 110589768
  • Ordinary universe – 1234562
  • Wizard Skin – 80373810
  • Truck – 5961037
  • Zombie Skin – 57764564
  • Dragon – 136931266
  • Sonic the Hedgehog – 1234752
  • Twitter bird – 394647608
  • Festive hat – 12345383

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List of Best Texture IDs for Roblox Characters (2022)


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