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Lionheart: Dark Moon How to Make More Coins / Gold Fast

Lionheart: Dark Moon How to Make More Coins / Gold Fast
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I love playing Lionheart: Dark Moon! It’s one of the best RPGs out there at the moment, but making money in this game is a real pain. With so many heroes to upgrade and so little in terms of rewards, you almost go mad when you see that you can’t afford anything and these seems like there’s nothing you can do to help. But I’m here to offer just that: tips and tricks on how to make more coins in Lionheart: Dark Moon in order to afford those upgrades.

This article won’t offer you the pot at the end of the rainbow, but it will surely give you the chance to have just enough money in the game or at least a chance at having more than you did before reading it. So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below some tips and tricks on how to get more coins in Lionheart: Dark Moon.

Replay the most recent missions
Before replaying a mission, always look at the potential coin rewards by hitting the “Quick Loot” button. Usually, the lower energy missions give you way fewer gold as a reward than higher energy ones do. For example, a 3-energy mission could give you up to 59 coins when you win, while a a 5 energy one would give you a minimum of 120 coins.

In other words, you’re always making more money by completing the more recent missions. It doesn’t really matter if you Quick Loot them or you actually go through playing the mission itself, you make the same amount of money!

Quests are another really important money-making source. Have in mind that you can’t use the Heroes you send to complete quests into missions, so managing a bit is required. You also must make sure that your win chances are as close to 100% as possible, because a quest you lose means lost time and nothing else. You can’t know for sure the rewards of the quests, but many of them reward you with coins (if not, other goodies!)

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Taking advantage of the Arena
You can fight in the Arena as much as you want – there are absolutely no limits. Your main goal at the end of the Season is to rank as high as possible in order to gain the better rewards, but especially if you are extremely active in the game, you can easily make some nice money out of the Arena. As you probably know, you can win chests daily from getting a specific number of victories each day. Here is what you should do:

First, go and intentionally lose a few Arena Battles. This will lower your rank and in return, you will get easy to defeat opponents. Simply go into battle and flee by tapping the cogwheel in the upper right corner and selecting “Flee” from the menu. Then, start fighting and winning battles until you unlock the Chest – open it. Make sure you run out of chests each day in order to maximize gains.

Rinse and repeat, having in mind that in the last day of the season, you should focus on getting as many wins as possible and staying as high as possible in the league in order to get the best rewards.

Sell Pets
As you play the missions, you will unlock all sorts of Pets that you can equip your heroes with. You can also (and should) sell these Pets in order to make some extra money. Always keep an eye on them and make sure you’re always equipping the best possible pets – but don’t worry about selling all the rest. The good thing with pets is that you can unequip and re-equip them freely, so basically you could do with just 4 top pets that you switch from hero to hero based on the needs.

Log in daily
Logging in daily ensures that you get the daily bonus which is, in most cases, a nice pile of gold. So make sure that you log in each day, even if you don’t have time to actively play the game!

Keep an eye for special events
There will always be some sort of a Special Event in the game, and these give you the opportunity to win a lot of coins too. So keep an eye out for special events and make sure you focus your attention on completing them and getting the most out of them.

Join a guild and donate
Since guilds have been introduced to the game, we have the option to donate unneeded Hero tokens in order to generate experience for the guild and level up the Titans. But we’re also getting some coins each time we donate and this can prove to be a very lucrative way of making more money in the game.

Just donate all your commons since you won’t use those in the end game, or keep a maximum of 10 tokens for each in case you want to level them up to have a stronger team for the Dungeon. You can also donate some of the weaker rares if you want to since you won’t be using most of those either in the long run.

So far, donating tokens in the guild is one of the best and easiest ways to make extra money fast in Lionheart Dark Moon.

Manage your money
This helps you indirectly to have more coins in the game. This means that you should never spend your coins on hero upgrades or pet upgrades that will prove to be worthless in the long run. This means upgrading and promoting Common heroes in the first place. The only common heroes that you should upgrade (in my opinion) are Timothy and Stumbler (the healer). All the other common heroes will be easily replaced by rarer ones, so it makes no sense in upgrading them – especially since you won’t have enough money to keep up!

Another trick when choosing the heroes to focus on is looking at opportunities to collect shards in order to Promote/Evolve them. If the missions in the campaign don’t usually give you potential shards for them, then it will be more difficult to get them. In this case, their skills are extremely important: check them all out and see which are useful in battle. You will see that most heroes in the game are worthless, while some are only good in certain circumstances.

But the golden rule of thumb remains this: the rarer heroes will always be better than the common ones, so don’t spend your money promoting and upgrading the skills of the common ones. This gives you more resources to focus on the ones that really matter – the ones you’ll use in battle and the ones that will help you win.

This would be everything I have for you right now. Do you have other strategies that work wonders when it comes to making more coins / gold in Lionheart: Dark Moon? Let us know by commenting below.

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